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The "3 word story" thread

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Basically you say 3 words that continue from what the person before you said.

Person1 - "There was once..."
Person2 - "a man so..."
Person3 - "large that he.."
Person4 - "could consume an.."

The idea is to keep the thread going. Put periods where necessary, but the next person is responsible for taking it where it left off. This shouldn't be too hard to accomplish, just please don't put much else in your reply besides the 3 words to avoid confusion and keep it nice and tidy. No one wants to read a paragraph looking for the reply. With that being said, short replies relating to the story are ok just don't overdue it.

These are a TON of fun and can be quite hilarious if we can get it going.

I'll start us off.

"In a galaxy.."




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