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  1. Dragon agrees with what Lunar has thus said so far. But dragon will also add some inputs on the clips. Clips are better if its a somewhat lengthy recording (~2mins) with /record and /stoprecord on console (pressing "~") would be easier to see the flow of the game and guess what his thought process is in the event he isn;t hacking. Generally we have a three strike rule that displays that they have some kind of hack doing on, unless it is blatantly obvious. That being said, dragon will give some opinions on the four clips after almost contracting seizures: 1. First snap does look bit unnatural, but the second shot is fine, probably just checking corners or has uav which alerted him. Is pretty standard for experienced players. That alone isn't enough though. 2. Seems like a regular shot. Like Lunar has said, person could have killed him before as a camping spot and since we don't have the entire demo, it cannot be confirmed. the way he switches the gun and shoots usually indicates a player who's played for a long time. Being flashy and all. 3. Player is checking the office choke point then enemy appears in the downstairs bathroom, then snaps to him and shoots. Pretty standard stuff as well. 4. Again, another shot thats not too hard to perform with or without UAV. He checks left first then to target when he identifies it. All in all, gameplay is fine. .w.
  2. congrats leetle dinosaur :D. Likewise dragon wishes both of you the best and may the love blossom further!
  3. He is a known offender and is banned a lot whenever admins are available. He keeps coming back though since he changes his IP constantly
  4. Dragon


    Dragon encountered this one today and also has a demo of him, dragon banned him several times, exploded him several times, then a final ban to which he didn't come back. He can change IP however and may come back in the future.
  5. Dragon

    devil-dog: WH

    dragons banned this one before, probably changing ip to come back on
  6. Dragon

    BESERK wh

    Dragon got him already when he was playing in the server .w. Ban message didnt show up though. Dragon also has a demo, but can always use extra just in case
  7. Dragon


    The thing is, we cant really ban someone for being a potty mouth. Even in the extreme cases (strong racism etc) they would need a couple of warnings before we can outright ban them. I.e. banning is last resort. In this case, he keeps saying BS a lot while he plays games with occasional slander here and there, so dragon can't do much, unless NJ ToS changes. As for 'gay dog' either words aren't really that offensive since we're now living in a LGBT+++++++++++++++ world. Maybe start calling him an "insolent donkey" everytime you kill him. .w.
  9. Dragon

    microkraken ban

    okie, will do. Or if the other admins do it they will notify you. Dragon very sowwie!
  10. uhh, dragon may have banned wrong person. Dragon putting this here in the event microkraken appeals. Dragon went to ban the ever persistent bulgariq but accidently banned micro instead .w. Dragon notified Gryph/lunar about it since dragon cant unban as of yet. Very sorry Kraky!
  11. Wetworks in the rotation, albeit at a very low rotation chance. WinterCrash will be available during, you guessed it, around Christmas time! .w.
  12. until another admin assess it, namely Gryphus
  13. you'll have to wait for a bit for another admins opinion, can't unban you straight away. Sorry, but thats how it works
  14. Dragon gave you a lot of warning on this, even a kick, but still you kept ignoring. Advertising includes links of any sort and in this case it was you advertising your twitch link. If you stay true to your word Dragon has no further objections.
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