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  1. G'day Bloke, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, as you noted , this is an American time zone Server. We should have more information regarding this soon. To help us get to the bottom of this faster, What Name were you using in the server? Cheers, EmpressNinja
  2. That name I havent heard in years... Wow. Thanks for letting us know
  3. The boys, when we party, we always stay the night to ensure maximum fun times and late night gossip
  4. Hey, Glitching over all is frowned upon, the main rule is if you can be killed, remain in the map and don't over abuse it, thats relatively ok, However in saying that, it is frowned upon and over abuse will see the rules changed. In the spirit of fair play we would ask that people don't use them especially long standing players. Over abuse of glitches can result in explosions, kicks and over the top abuse of them (such as MG Glitch in pipeline or pipe glitch itself, a temp ban (leaving the map), depending on the scenario. Using glitches can take advantage over the younger/newer players who are unaware of them or where to look for them, overall , It is asked you don't use them,In the spirit of fair play. Emp
  5. Hi! We are looking into why the ban occurred, and will have a response as soon as possible! Emp
  6. Hey Spazz! Welcome to the land of NJ! http://www.net-jam.com/forums/m/414052/viewthread/24738802-member-rules-guidelines That is the guidelines for members, pretty much , be polite, respectful, don't be rude to other players and have fun! Post whatever you wish in the forums. as for console commands, they are the same regardless, only admins have any extra powers there Any Concerns, hit us up Emp
  7. Mr sticky rice needs to apply
  8. New overwatch highlights reel from competitive placement first round. went as well as one could hope https://youtu.be/1XCcryhbk90 **at the time of posting it is uploading still. Too tired to wait to upload it
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