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    Thanks everyone for joining fight night last night! @Gryphus_1@Cyph3r@Boards@grave00@freedomwaffle @TurboX@ScareCrow@qcstealth@Cow@DZPRain @arce @Rice@ZoTe@whippr@Tootnoots@FLACOBLANCO@mustardgas
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    look forward to tomorrow as well? New website looks great too guys.
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    Lo unico que puedo decir es que: JAJAJAAJA POBRES DIABLOS CAGADOS Y MUERTOS DE HAMBRE, si estan apelando su entrada a Net Jam es porque no tienen nada mas que jugar, y veo que todas las basuras estan aqui, hasta ese tal Andy jajajaja. Ni hablar, vallan a mandarse fotos de sus pijas entre ustedes <3
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    Is it obvious? You're the first to even acknowledge any wrongdoing. Although still not addressing my question. Healthy competition? Playing against randoms in a Hardcore TDM server is the equivalent to playing football against toddlers. But you lot take it a step farther by camping, wallbanging to an absurd degree and then on top of all that you teamstack with the people you're coordinating with in VoIP... The pride that you all draw from that is astounding to me, and apparently Chupas. lol To clarify once again, your were not banned for "being good". That would require someone outside of your clan to actually believe it. G1
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    Hello, I was away for a bit, and in that time it seems that your previous clan wide ban issued by myself was somehow no longer in effect. I attempted to give you all a chance, since it had been three years, but that was a mistake. I have reinstated the permanent ban on all BW members. A quick note. I'm not sure how you think being a near constant annoyance to the entire Admin and player base was "being apart of the community". Also, some random Youtube videos in no way constitute proof of someone not hacking. G1
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    Thank you, Lunar! Appreciate your time tweaking/twerking the game even further. A blast as usual. Thanks to all for participating.
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    We don't speak of him by name. Only screenshots. G1
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    Come witness grown men scream while blowing ineffective loads at other men. Tonight 7pm Pacific. BE THERE!
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    These screenshots are extremely misleading, there isn't a single flying corpse in any of them. G1
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    Creepin through old threads. Most of my body is tattooed. Just need to do my back, upper legs, and the rest of my head and I'll be about done :>
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