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    ... .. He...touched me in s<edit>he spe<edit>ay. I do not know how to type it other th<edit>as reb<edit>. Thank you Gryphus for ma<edit>me fe<edit> special. As long as I a<edit>ve I will tell NO ONE abo<edit>at happened on yo<edit>ght! *)
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    HAHAH it didn;t end there no... He made me feel ALIVE agina*! There was nothing he couldn;t do to me that I wasn;t already prepared to do to myself. I was steadily concentratrating on thr lasrer of his bean,,,,...noodle....HUGE memebr HEAD,,,His gosdh darn SMARTS! I don;t typically have to fight off hot dog vendors , but this time...I was hopi9ng he;'d deep fry something for me. Seomthing sugary and sweet. Like....I don;t know....YOU
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    Lol? I've never seen anyone use 'Submit reply' in place of a period before. So that's neat. You really are the strangest bunch of glue-sniffers we've ever had.
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