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    Late reply, but this dude seems very sus. He was on today but was playing under the name "ODS|d0n". He changes his name quite frequently but his playing style is very recognizable, constantly switching weapons, aim shifts randomly, etc. Its definitely the same person because he always types a black and yellow smiley in the chat. Here's a demo I captured today. I believe JD was speccing him too. ODS|d0n.dm_1
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    Maybe if you value playing on our server, you shouldn't show constant disrespect towards admins. If you consider me saying "nerd :p", after you dropped 100 kills in a match, as harassment then you should probably stay off of the internet. Anyone else would have taken it as a compliment or just said "lol" and not give it another thought. I even apologized for that after you brought it up in a later match. Your response to this was something along the lines of "at least you admitted you were wrong". So let's get to the actual reason I banned you. I asked you to stop complaining about campers and play the game. Camping is allowed on this server. Since you are quick to claim your status a regular, you should know this. No one wants to hear you complaining about it. And you complain about it a LOT. 16:21 AK|Tamsko|A that's gay .. 16:31 AK|Tamsko|A so many camps ... 16:32 AK|Tamsko|A playing a game for hours .. 16:32 AK|Tamsko|A all that just to sat in corners ? You called me a "sore loser" after I pointed out the fact that you also camped for most of your kills that match. I didn't say anything to you about your playstyle until that point. 16:32 AK|Tamsko|A you're a sore loser lying ! 16:33 AK|Tamsko|A beein a sore loser is beeing a sore loser :) 16:35 AK|Tamsko|A camper sore losers .. This was your response after I told you to stop complaining and play the game. 16:35 AK|Tamsko|A idc .. You had a relatively peaceful game the next round, besides trying to say that I was harassing you for saying "nerd :p" and pointed out the fact that you needed to stop your repeated crying about campers. The next round, Vacant, you joined the team that I was on. It was 5v4. I switched teams. You swapped teams with me. People were still joining in, but for a brief moment I believe it was 6v3. I instructed you to not do that, as I was attempting to balance the gameplay. Not everyone who plays a 10 year old game is good. There were multiple players on the other team that I expected to leave if the teams weren't balanced. You and I on the same team would have caused an imbalance in skill. I don't play this game to empty the server that I help administrate and I'm not going to be disrespected when trying to help give people an enjoyable gameplay experience. 16:51 NJA- myth if you're going to start stacking teams then i'll just give you a break for the night 16:52 AK|Tamsko|A you switched first mate :) 16:52 NJA- myth yeah, but i wasn't stacking. 16:52 NJA- myth literally my job as an admin to try to balance teams 16:52 AK|Tamsko|A it was 4v5 .. You switched to 5v4 ... 16:53 NJA- myth i'm getting sick of arguing with you. i gave you multiple warnings already. either get with the program or leave 16:53 AK|Tamsko|A hahah 16:53 AK|Tamsko|A you're on your periods . You could have just said "ok" here. Even if I was in the wrong, and I wouldn't have banned you. But I'm not about to let someone tell me I'm on my "period" because of their own mistake. You have received over 32 warnings and/or temp bans for language and complaining about camping. Here's some snippits of why I don't think the ban will be going away. The irony of your claims is so ridiculous considering that your chat logs mainly consist of you berating your teammates and being a general nuisance to the population of our server. Monday, 08/17/2020 (18:08)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:it's called CAN YOU STFU FOR ONE ROUND ? Monday, 08/17/2020 (18:11)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:second .. STFU SORE LOSER Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:17)AK|Tamsko|A [TEAM]: 2GET OUT OF SPAWNS YOU MORRONS Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:18)AK|Tamsko|A [TEAM]: 2NED GET THE F OUT OF SPAWN Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:19)AK|Tamsko|A [TEAM]: 2idiot Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:23)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:learn to get the F out of sapwns .. Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:24)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:not u Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:24)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:my team ... Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:24)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:dies in spawns.. Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:31)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:i need poeple on my team with positive ratio PLZ Monday, 08/17/2020 (23:39)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:70+ kills.. end up losing anyway I could go on. There's a lot more. Mainly consisting of comments like those above, or you ironically spamming your bind to stop talking. You know, this one: Monday, 08/17/2020 (19:52)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:If you want to talk, do it on ^6FB...^7 This is ^0COD4 ! ^1YOU MORRON ! Monday, 08/17/2020 (18:39)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:List of server that banned me : One sri lanka snip only / H4X TDM server / AK server (twice) and one Japanese SnD server ^ You can add one. Net-Jam.
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    Join us Friday, June 5 at 7:00pm Pacific for Fight Night! Teamspeak, CoD4, and custom game modes including: GunGame Progress through a series of weapons and be the first to get a knife kill to win!
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