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  1. Yesterday
  2. It is known as, "the chinchilla tug" and it's kinda special! I'll never forget. Yoshi is very special too and knowing each other in a biblical way is something we share. I'm proud that we can talk about it openly now.
  3. Pure sniper no side arm would be bad ass. Even a shotgun c4/rpg server will be nuts lol
  4. Not how it works. Don't post duplicate threads.
  5. Falsely accused of wall hack. Please unban thanks
  6. Last week
  7. Molix

    Unban Appeal

    Yeah I already removed it. I didn't notice I had it. Thanks anyways!
  8. LuNaR

    Unban Appeal

    Ban has been lifted. Might be a good idea to remove that bind if you will be playing here. We don't tolerate any advertising of any kind.
  9. Molix

    Unban Appeal

    Hello, I was just playing on Net-jam TDM server and I got banned for the reason of advertising. Just to clear something out, I just got my old config and I pressed a key which had a link as a say bind and I did not really know about it and then boom, I'm banned. I was called molix. I hope this helps :D:D thanks!
  10. Not sure what these attachments are or how to open them.
  11. Has this ever stopped anyone? Really? Abraham_Lincoln_091421_3.dm_1 Abraham_Lincoln_091421_2.dm_1 Abraham_Lincoln_091421_1.dm_1 Abraham_Lincoln_091421_4.dm_1
  12. Hi I just got banned for wallhacking randomly and not sure why. I use the deep impact perk to shoot through walls to common areas so maybe thats why. No reason to hack on a 14 year old game though. Hope I am unbanned soon.
  13. Hello. Time is 2:08am PST. Suspected WH + Toggled Aim with the name AmGSupply&Demand. I have a demo, as well as FLANCO. However I can’t post it from this device. Will post the demo tomorrow if FLANCO doesn’t beat me to it. Thanks
  14. Not so obvious during the first few minutes especially being Killhouse, but he was noticeably tracking through walls. amgsuply&demand.dm_1
  15. Earlier
  16. I randomly decided to check Net-Jam's xlrstats site today, and I noticed I was marked as having recently connected from China. This is 100% not me because I haven't played Cod4 for weeks and I live in Canada. I thought aliases are supposed to be associated with a unique player ID rather than renaming to something like 'Arce' and having my stats logged on Arce's profile. Does this mean my CD key was stolen or something? Should I be concerned, or is this just an xlrstats thing?
  17. Gumm


    Admins need to check Heritage out, his aim and movement is insane but he tracked me straight through walls at least twice and plays like a blatant waller... Didn't get the chance to record him as he went spectator after I called him out but please check him. Thanks
  18. He once told me about the time when someone drilled another hole... He's never fully recovered. I do not want to know what you have in that box. I still have PTSD from last time.
  19. But, I like being a man-hoe, particularly to Boards, but he never shows up. I do got a dick in a box though.
  20. @SqshyYoshi You don't have to be, a man-hoe.
  21. Hello fellows, noticed that your server got restarted today and since then several people are having ban issues. So I'm not sure what's the reason for these bans, just thought you might wanna check into it. Thanks for doing a good job, see you!
  22. Yep, all good now. Thanks
  23. Actually, give it a shot and let me know.
  24. Ouch. Hurry back, some have forgotten what caps lock is.
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