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  2. Hello Server needs a fresh ban on player called /quit clearly cheating although I don’t have evidence. He has showed up before and done this and was banned at one stage. He was back tonight.
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  5. Well ya'll... I regrettably updated to the newest Mac OS "Big Sur" without really reading into it(or doing a time machine backup because I'm stupid). I am no longer able to run 32 bit applications on my iMac, of which COD4 is one . Sure I could install a virtual environment but I don't really feel like paying for Parallels plus this OS is causing numerous issues and I'm sure it wouldn't run that well anyways. That being said, I'm going to finally build a PC here in the near future. I've got a close friend that has been PC gaming and building them practically since he could speak, so I'll be coordinating with him soon since I have 0 experience with anything PC-related lol. In the meantime, catch me on CS:GO being a noob with the auto-sniper since thats just about the only game in my steam library that my iMac can run right now. Steam ID is "efredette" if any of ya'll would like to add! Hope to be back soon but until then, peace out ya'll!
  6. Scroll binding is so dumb. Idk how people can even aim before their mag is empty by the time they let go of the scroll wheel, even with an LMG.
  7. Sorry for the delay. Myth was going to have the final say, but he appears to be away. You seem genuine about it, so it's been lifted. Word of caution; you were already on thin ice when Myth banned you. Mean what you said and don't be a dick yeah? Ban lifted. Thread locked. G1
  8. Clearly scroll binding. Was asked to remove it, denied he knew what it was. couple maps later recorded the attached. After recording, called him out on it and he said gee he had to try it out after we explained what it was, and wasn't it fast. supra.dm_1
  9. @DragonOk I'll try to demo him again when he shows up again thanks
  10. Dragon agrees with what Lunar has thus said so far. But dragon will also add some inputs on the clips. Clips are better if its a somewhat lengthy recording (~2mins) with /record and /stoprecord on console (pressing "~") would be easier to see the flow of the game and guess what his thought process is in the event he isn;t hacking. Generally we have a three strike rule that displays that they have some kind of hack doing on, unless it is blatantly obvious. That being said, dragon will give some opinions on the four clips after almost contracting seizures: 1. First snap does look bit unnatural, but the second shot is fine, probably just checking corners or has uav which alerted him. Is pretty standard for experienced players. That alone isn't enough though. 2. Seems like a regular shot. Like Lunar has said, person could have killed him before as a camping spot and since we don't have the entire demo, it cannot be confirmed. the way he switches the gun and shoots usually indicates a player who's played for a long time. Being flashy and all. 3. Player is checking the office choke point then enemy appears in the downstairs bathroom, then snaps to him and shoots. Pretty standard stuff as well. 4. Again, another shot thats not too hard to perform with or without UAV. He checks left first then to target when he identifies it. All in all, gameplay is fine. .w.
  11. Lol you talk so much more shit than I ever have. What's the point of joining a community to basically call any player who isn't a sweaty fucking tryhard like you a shitty player? That's all you do is shit on players' skill level. And you tell me I have no life yet you're sweating every single game. You're a hypocrite. That's nice that you played in competitive tournaments but NJ was a chill server before you joined it and told me I play like shit. All 5 of my pics show the frame by frame of you pressing mouse1 EXACTLY when your aim is on the player and it kills them before you even ADS. But nah you're definitely clean. I'm done giving you any attention.
  12. @LuNaRAnd thanks for the rate command, mine was set at only 15000 instead of 25000
  13. @LuNaRAh ok sounds good. Was it a jittery demo though or did it look good?
  14. LuNaR

    British Slut: WH

    Actually, the demo needs to be taken while you are spectating the player. Otherwise the only thing we see in the demo is what you're doing, not what they're doing. Try typing these couple of commands in console to improve networking. /snaps 30 /rate 25000 You would want to spectate them and then type this in the console /record name where "name" is replaced by whatever you want the filename to be. Then type /stoprecord to stop the recording. Best practice is to do a separate recording for each map. It's tedious and time consuming, but keeps us from issuing bans irresponsibly.
  16. I wasn't going to comment on this as it's not worth my time, but you keep making things up so here we go. I haven't been on cod4 since last weekend as I've been busy; therefore, "miu" and "mdh" isn't me. If you keep thinking all these people are hacking maybe you're the issue. It's kinda sad that you're going to all this effort to try and prove I am not legit. You must not have much going on in your life if you're getting this worked up over a video game. It's sad af. The fact that you don't know how to record a demo properly and you play on 60 FPS clearly shows that you don't know much about cod4 hence why you're accusing me of hacking. Russian and 123 are two different people, I only know one of them from another server. They were sick of you constantly acting like a child and bitching in the chat. They were both trying to explain how i'm not hacking as they have a lot more knowledge about the game than you. Also it's not against the rules to 'constantly' change my name so I don't know why you keep bringing that up. I'm not trying to hide as i'm using the same key which I'm fully aware that the admins can check who I am through echelon. Tbh it's quite funny you wasted a few hours putting clips and screenshots together that show absolutely nothing . You didn't even show the full clip when I first saw Nerdjitsu when I was inside the building then strafed out by the bushes to kill him, I think you did that to try and make it look i'm using a wallhack. You mentioned in a previous post that I get high k/ds with a sniper etc and, that unless i'm an MLG pro player there's something really fishy about that k/d using a sniper. Just so you know, I was a competitive player including promod, competitive sniping on console, decerto and gamebattles to name a few, so I guess that does mean I am an 'MLG' pro player. The admins have spectated me numerous times and Pig did have a chat with me and as he said there is a reason why i'm still not banned. It seems you're just upset that a player with 200 ping is outplaying you. I'd hate to think how upset you'd be if I was on a lower, less laggy ping and didn't shoot through people constantly. You just need to accept that you aren't good at this game. I suggest you go find something else to play, maybe minecraft? Keep trying to find that clue you're looking for
  17. @MRFUZZYDo you have any birdhouses on your property? It's my new hobby. I'm making them out of 1"x6"x6' and 1"x8"x8' planks. But the $15-$40 price tag for each plank is an expensive ass birdhouse So now I'm making birdhouses out of pine logs by sawing them, cutting off a bottom slice to have a removable floor with some drainage holes, taking out the core, screw everything back together, then just drill a hole in it and voila, most natural looking birdhouse ever eheh
  18. @LuNaRWell did my previous demo look decent? It was jittery af on my end. I posted it to Fimbo's british slut report thread. My pictures clearly show him firing only once his aim is on the player. It's frame by frame, you can see it by slowing down the clips. To do that a few times might be luck but 5 times? Cmon man lol
  19. This has been said numerous times before. We will not ban on a short clip like this unless it is solid proof of an egregious aimbot. Maybe. That being said, let's take a look at the evidence posted... Looks like a knee-jerk reaction more than an aimbot. If you watch it carefully, his aim jerked in that direction and that was it. Didn't actually stop on him. Didn't follow him. Wasn't even that good of aim. Maybe it could be a "soft aimbot", but there's nothing even remotely definitive. Sure, this 5 second clip looks incriminating at a glance, but we have no context. Not only is that a fairly common area to spray (there's spawns back there!), but was Nerdjitsu camping there? Was someone else camping there? He hip-fired... What's the big deal? ...Twice? Oh, no! He hip-fired twice! Swing the banhammer! I think we're done here unless you have some tangible, solid evidence in the form of a demo.
  20. I'm in GMT-6 cause I AM just that gewd.
  21. So you say late morning to early afternoon "here", but what is your time zone? I am in PST, currently UTC-7 (or in proper parlance GMT-7 - ha ha)
  22. @[CDN]FimboHe typically plays around late morning to early afternoon here, which makes sense since he's likely in europe with his garbage ping. He keeps changing names, just look for the guy who most players call out as being a cheater and has a ping of 150+.
  23. So what time does BS usually play? I have plenty of time to go in an record...
  24. @MRFUZZYOnly 5 acres of forest land? I thought it was way bigger :O But those woods are as dense as my skull that's probably why
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