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    Bann Apeal

    Lol, both Fuzzy! I am going to Lunar and Yoshi as often as I need to. It just makes so much sense to me now and reduces body fat.
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    Face toward enemy...
  3. Boards

    Bann Apeal

    Lunar and Yoshi just became verbs!
  4. FRIMFRAM, I banned you for the content that you can see attached. I take a dim view of anyone who allows their moral compass to be so easily affected by their workload and state of intoxication. Get some standards and live by them. After looking at your appeal and the perplexing images that accompanied it, I have lifted your ban. Consider this your last warning. Boards
  5. It is known as, "the chinchilla tug" and it's kinda special! I'll never forget. Yoshi is very special too and knowing each other in a biblical way is something we share. I'm proud that we can talk about it openly now.
  6. Congratulations Yoshi! Wishing you both all the very best!
  7. Thank you, Lunar! Appreciate your time tweaking/twerking the game even further. A blast as usual. Thanks to all for participating.
  8. Many thanks to Lunar and Gryphus for setting up the games! It was really good fun and great to connect with so many regulars.
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    Gucci Pink

    Weird stuff on B3. My commands are not working. I wonder how Gucci got out of that Fuzzy.
  10. Boards

    Gucci Pink

    Thank you, myth. We don't need or want players that find this behaviour acceptable.
  11. Boards

    Gucci Pink

    From now on, anyone using the "N" word more than once gets banned. That is how it should be. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Fimbo! Fuzzy, thanks for handling it.
  12. Moo-y Christmas Cow! Hope you have a great holiday and prosperous year ahead.
  13. Sorry for the inconvenience, guys. It is not as simple as it seems.
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    Custom Maps

    Hi Big D, Thanks for the suggestion. We used to have custom maps but, there was not enough interest from all the players so they went away. I am not sure that a second server is feasible at the moment. I think many others share your opinion. I'll try to find out whether we can add maps.
  15. Thanks shazzam! All the best to you this Christmas and in the New Year!
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