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    Tamsko I don't even know how many times you've been warned about being suck a dick in the server, but it clearly didn't sink in. I've read that chat, and you were the one at fault not Myth. Had you approached this a bit more tactfully to start we may have had a different outcome, but you chose, and here we are. Thread locked. G1
  2. You've been on the way out for a long time now. The fact that it was Myth that banned you and not Yoshi, Omlette, JD, Pig, Lunar or myself is just luck. Be an ass to enough people for long enough and we will put an end to it. You're behavior in general is pretty shameful Tamsko, but this display has just been sad. Tamsgowaynow Thread locked.
  3. I'll give you that, it is you playing normally, though it wouldn't have been normal for you just a month or two ago. You were always a good player, but you were never exceptional before a couple months ago. The big ego was just a fun point. You being a prick is beside the point. Also, that's not how UAV works in an unmodified game. It isn't real-time, it's static positions updated in pulses with no sense of verticallity. So how does your UAV work? G1
  4. What map would that be then? How about the two places in the short demo I mentioned. G1
  5. Remember those demos, that were numbered? The first one, the one I've repeatedly mentioned? G1
  6. "Awareness"... and you can't tell what map that demo is on. G1
  7. Off the top of my head. Tunnel with the ramp leading to building 1 and through the wall of the MG building. First demo. G1
  8. Seeing people through walls isn't awareness. That first demo is pretty blatant, as all of us who've watched agreed. G1
  9. Ok, so you're going to tell me that you watched a 3 minute demo and posted a reply in less than 30 seconds? Sure, ok. We've banned people we finally were able to catch hacking. And if you want to call cheating being good at a game... We have different definitions. G1
  10. That response was seconds after I posted those demos. You're really going to make blanket defenses about what happened without even watching the proof you requested? Prime actually is banned, for hacking, not jokes. G1
  11. Neither did I. But sadly ego is usually a big reason. Joke or not it makes a point. You wanted proof, here's the demos. Though Amethystv1 is really all you need. G1 Amethystv2.dm_1 Amethystv4.dm_1 Amethystv1.dm_1
  12. Cheating would be the reason. We would rather you didn't G1
  13. Your post confuses me. You're now confused with me. G1
  14. Seems I was off by a couple years on your origin. My apologies. Not sure how my responses have been inconsistent. This correction on the dates is, I think, the second time any of you has directly responded to a point I made. So, want address any of the other lies and/or inaccuracies I've been questioning? G1
  15. Your downplaying of the ban you're entire clan has been trying to get out of turned into a little advert for your server. Funny, you didn't have a server 6 months ago, or 3 years ago. Which 8 years were you referring to? Actually there's no trace of BW even existing as a clan before sometime around 2017. Time flies doesn't it. You may not use other handles, but your clan certainly does. Here they are trying to IP/Key hop to get around the ban. We're getting in the weeds here. No one has even tried to argue the reasons for the ban. I'm not sure who Chupas is, but he did manage to goad two of your members into some of the exact behavior that got you all banned. So thanks @Chupas18, now stay out of other peoples ban appeals. G1
  16. Is it obvious? You're the first to even acknowledge any wrongdoing. Although still not addressing my question. Healthy competition? Playing against randoms in a Hardcore TDM server is the equivalent to playing football against toddlers. But you lot take it a step farther by camping, wallbanging to an absurd degree and then on top of all that you teamstack with the people you're coordinating with in VoIP... The pride that you all draw from that is astounding to me, and apparently Chupas. lol To clarify once again, your were not banned for "being good". That would require someone outside of your clan to actually believe it. G1
  17. That list is just from memory. I'm being general and vague because I'm not about to spend another few hours dredging through logs to provide you with examples of your own behavior and and verbal warnings from us, that you and your merry band of goldfish can't seem to recall since it happened more than 30 days ago. Are you just not even reading my responses? I know of at least two other servers that have banned you as a whole just as we did and have done. So I'll ask again; are you a bunch of amnesiacs or liars? G1
  18. A whim? Do you chuckle-heads know how much time and effort has gone into not banning you all? Forcing Auto Assign was because of BW. The muting was a last resort to avoid this. It amazes me that an entire group of people can all have the memory of a goldfish. It's like none of you can fathom anything having occurred before June. Many warnings have been given. Perhaps not to you in particular Indio, but most certainly Sosa. Those bans you're referencing were an error. Would you like to know the reason for the original ban in 2017? Detailed and verified accounts of BW's antics in other CoD4 servers, from those server's Admins who relayed those stories to me as a warning that I should consider blanket banning BW as they had done. And given the chatlogs they showed me, I banned every BW member without a second thought. Seeing that you all had returned and several years had passed I decided to give you guys a chance, and oh how I regret it. I can't speak for Cow, but somehow I imagine he wouldn't appreciate being used as a character reference for BW. So tell me, either you're all lying through your teeth or an entire clan somehow has amnesia, which is it? G1
  19. I stated the reasons, bluntly. You have chosen to repeatedly ignore them, which ties back into "ignoring admins" quite nicely doesn't it? This was also anything but a whim. I've been resisting Admins and players alike calling for your banning since October. Only recently have you actually given me a reason. This isn't an insult to our community quite the opposite actually, players who recognize your names will be very happy. G1
  20. Do you think we've never banned people who donated? We appreciate your donation very much but it changes nothing. I'm not dredging up months of chat-logs for this Sporkie. If you want to know what all this is about, have a heart-to-heart with your clan members. And leave Dexter and Cow out of this. They have been nothing but gentlemen, to all but you guys, can't understand why... Though bringing up other completely uninvolved players and trying to throw them under the bus, classy. I think you misunderstood my mention of camping. We're not banning anyone for camping. No matter how much we would like to. G1
  21. So am I to understand Sosa, that you feel you should be exempt from the ban because you joined a banned clan after the fact? Ok, sure, you're unbanned. Though you and the rest of BW are banned for repeatedly recruiting, advertising, team stacking, ignoring Admins and generally being obnoxious. I tried to give you all a chance considering the clans history, but the leniency was repaid with doing the exact same things in a more underhanded way. We have been far more lenient with you lot than we ordinarily would and that has come to an end. Also, you seem very impressed with your scores given that they involved camping, wallbanging and team stacking. Not things associated with good players. G1
  22. Hello, I was away for a bit, and in that time it seems that your previous clan wide ban issued by myself was somehow no longer in effect. I attempted to give you all a chance, since it had been three years, but that was a mistake. I have reinstated the permanent ban on all BW members. A quick note. I'm not sure how you think being a near constant annoyance to the entire Admin and player base was "being apart of the community". Also, some random Youtube videos in no way constitute proof of someone not hacking. G1
  23. I was clearly referring to CoD4's shotguns. Don't go dragging me into your all-male fantasy orgies.
  24. We don't speak of him by name. Only screenshots. G1
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