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  1. I agree with MrFuzzy...Sending private messages to other admins that are not involved in this is not the way to go about getting unbanned
  2. Viper-9


    Definitely an Aimbot. He's been banned. Thanks Omlette!
  3. Gryphus_1 wrote: G1So that's what the quote button does!
  4. Bet his wife gets angry when he tries to be that quick in bed...
  5. what if the trees are young?
  6. Highlander was such a terrible movie, but for some reason i enjoyed it
  7. Viper-9

    Masacre wallhack

    Thanks Jason. I had picked up on that as well and he has been banned. Your vigilance is appreciated
  8. Hey ddddddddddddddd, it looks like you were banned in error, as there was another player with the exact same name as yours. Your ban will be lifted and you should be able to rejoin the server. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your cooperation and patience
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