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(Frequently Asked Questions) / (Rebuttals to Frequently Stated Statements):

So much time is spent answering slight variations on the same questions (and statements) that this has become necessary. If you have a question that's not fully explained to your satisfaction, then by all means post away, but don't be surprised if you get directed here.

[X]Insert topical subject here.

1: General

1.1: I want to be a member! How do I apply?

That's great! Something you should be aware of first though, while we don't scrutinize our member applicants nearly like we do those we're considering for some type of Admin status, we do read your application and may deny it. If we do deny your application, it's not necessarily a permanent 'no'. We prefer to have people be 'around' a bit first. So hang around Teamspeak or post in the forums for a bit before applying, or after you were denied and try again in a month or two. Just don't bother trying to use a different account, we'll know.

Application link. INSERTLINK

1.2: Emotional dissonance and other forms of gluteal injury.

The world is serious enough, and we all enjoy our humor with varying degrees of taste. So if someone has insulted you, offended you, said a naughty word, claimed they slept with your mother or generally spat on the graves of your ancestors please keep in mind a few things: English is likely their second language, they have probably yet to hit puberty and they're doing or saying whatever it is to get a reaction out of you.

With that said, will we tolerate someone being an obnoxious dick-head? No, obviously not, we do have a line, we simply don't draw it where many would. If something is genuinely wrong get a hold of us and we will do our best to correct it. Just keep in mind that we may disagree on what qualifies (and tell your mom I'd like my belt back).

1.3: What even is Teamspeak? Why don't you guys just use Discord?

2: Call of Duty 4

2.1: I want to be an admin! How do I apply?

You can't.
We select our Staff from people we believe can A): Handle the responsibility. B): Actually spot hacks accurately. C): We know well enough (time spent playing with or talking to in Teamspeak) that we trust can actually adhere to A and B. We obviously look for and expect quite a bit more in people than what was just listed, but you could look at it as cornerstones or a decent nut-shelling of what we look for. If you think you fit that criteria and want to know how you can prove it to us, the answer is time. Spend the time hanging around the forums, Teamspeak, show us you know how to spot hackers by posting demos. If you're not willing to spend time doing that, then you're unwilling to do what we would require of our Staff.

We do our best to keep a high standard for the way we handle ourselves and the people we're responsible for and doing so requires being extremely picky about who we give power to. Frankly, it's a thankless and tedious job, and it is just that, a job. One without things like income, benefits or any real reason to do it. So no, you can't apply, and you really shouldn't want to. What most people want is to be a member rather than what this entails, which is part of why we started accepting members.

2.2: You should add [X] map/weapon/model from INSERTGAMEHERE. It's Awesome!

Net-Jam.com(HARDCORE) is as close to the vanilla Call of Duty 4 experience as possible, while still making quality of life improvements that we feel are necessary for the best Team Deathmatch the game has to offer. Doing so means that we cannot add ANYTHING that would require the player to download new files. So no custom maps, weapons, models, textures etc.

2.3: You should add [X] CoD4 map to the rotation.

We don't have a map "rotation" anymore, but rather a system you could think of as tiered randomization. Any map is possible to be played given the correct number of players, with certain maps more likely than others. Simply put, every single stock map in CoD4 is available to be played provided X# of players are present. This prevents Shipment from being played with 22 players or Bloc with 11.

2.4: There aren't enough maps! Add more!

There are 21 maps in Call of Duty 4. Two of which are inappropriate for more than 10 players, one is a seasonal variation and five, despite what people say, consistently drop the server population if not emptying it completely. Leaving 13 maps. Despite this our rotation system has every map available to be played given the correct circumstances are met. With the less popular maps having a lower chance of being played.

2.5: This map played twice.

Not actually possible.*
(*This is technically possible, but the repeated map can only be Ambush[mp_convoy].)

2.6: This map is constantly playing. I'm playing it literally every other map!

This isn't possible. If you have proof that it happened, then by all means post it. Otherwise, prepare thy cheeks for a most thorough blast.

2.7: Disallow [X] perk/weapon/whatever else.

Net-Jam.com(HARDCORE) has been running with the same rule-set (with very few exceptions) since 2007. We like it and clearly others do as well. But hey, if you're willing to pose a rational argument in favor of the changes you want, we'll hear you out, just keep in mind what the answer will almost certainly be.

2.8: [X] is hacking I know it!

What were they doing?

Choose your own adventure:

I don't know, they were cheating!: Wrong answer. If you don't know what was wrong, you don't know enough to make a legitimate complaint.
They were [insert hack here]: Ok. Have a demo? Video?

Yes: Awesome. Post a topic in the CoD4 Reports forum with the person's full name (accuracy is important), what you think they were doing and your proof. We will review it and take action accordingly.
No: That's unfortunate. Without proof the most we can do is keep an eye out the next time they're online.

2.9: CID_randomnumberhere is on a hacking spree! Admins ban him but he keeps coming back!

No. CID_# stands for Client ID / server slot number. Players get automatically renamed to this when their names contain fewer than 3 characters or are non ASCII.
In short, these are different people who happen to join the same server slot and have very short names.

2.10: The helicopter always kills me first! |or| The helicopter always shoots the players highest on the scoreboard first.

No it doesn't. It's not how it works, it just isn't.
The Helicopter chooses it's target based on several things, but it does this dynamically. It's constantly evaluating who poses the greatest threat to itself. People who say "the heli always goes for them" tend to be above average skill-wise, and generally make themselves very appealing to a new helicopter trying to get out there and make a name for itself. So do the helis always go for you? No, but also yes, but only because you ask them to.
At this point I could show you the games code, but I've done that before and at best people continue on thinking what they want, and I quite frankly have run out of time and crayons.

2.11: I've lost my profile

2.12: They don't ban [X] because they: are a Member/an Admin/have donated/are friends with [X]/make some mean potato salad

Does that cover them? At the time of writing this (and however long this place survives) none of those things have happened. We've banned people who've donated, defended those who haven't, banned Admins and Members for hacking or breaking our very simple rules and some other things people can't seem to wrap their minds around. Being the type of organization that we are, we have nothing but our name and reputation. We don't delete forum topics or posts, we require evidence for bans, we hear-out complaints and are generally transparent about the way we do things. What more can we possibly do?

Questions of our collective integrity aside, what if by some fluke the person isn't actually hacking? Not that the seasoned professional making statements like these would make such a mistake. But really, if you're so distrustful of us, why are you even here? Not that anyone saying these things is actually reading this...

2.13: Why English only?

We host our servers out of the U.S. and a sizable chunk of of our staff is U.S. based. With the rest of our staff speaking English as a second language for reasons that are hopefully obvious, but here's a breakdown just in-case: Communication. We need to understand each-other, meaning we can't be translating everything or making voice based communication impossible.

The reason we (loosely) enforce this onto our players and members? We have to understand at a glance whats being said in-game to moderate effectively. We do recognize that this makes things inconvenient for a great number of players, unfortunately all we can do is apologize. English must remain the primary language used in our servers and anywhere we moderate.

2.14: CoD4 "1.8"

If you own CoD4 through Steam, read section 2.15 of this FAQ first.

If you use or have used the modification called CoD4X/CoD4 1.8 we recommend in the strongest possible terms completely deleting all of your CoD4 install and re-install from a clean source. The 1.8 client is a privately made, closed-source client which is forced onto your computer when you connect to any CoD4 server running the server version "1.8". If you're prompted to "Auto-Update" it means you've already been compromised. While there are a lot of pros to the client (Longer client names, backup master server lists, better anti-cheat features, better client ID's, and more), it's dangerously invasive. It gives the developer (again, a private individual) full access to your computer, your files, programs, everything, including Steam which it ties into automatically.

While it's possible nothing malicious will come of using the 1.8 client, it's best to be cautious when it comes to your security. As things with the possibility of grotesque abuse more often than not end up being used in just that way. A good rule of thumb: treat your computer like your butt, never give strangers backdoor access.

2.15: Call of Duty 4 on Steam

On April 27th, 2018 the Steam distribution was updated changing the games executable from 1.7.568 to 1.6.13620. While this was technically a downgrade, this was a new 1.6 revision making it incompatible with any remaining 1.6 servers, and certainly not 1.7 servers. Making things immensely more complicated, Activision pushed another update on May 3rd, 2018. Again changing nothing but the executable, this time to an official 1.8 revision (1.8.13620) (not to be confused with the "CoD4X 1.8" client that's been floating around for the last couple years which you should avoid like the plague). Just as before, this update makes the client incompatible with 1.7 servers.

This was done seemingly as a direct response to this Reddit thread where some users oh-so-helpfully seem to have gotten Activisions attention regarding an ancient and well-known exploit. A point of note here is that the exploit Activision "patched" only effects peer-to-peer games (CoD6-CoD69) not server based games such as CoD4(PC). Whatever else may have been done to the executable is unknown at the time of writing. Not that it particularly matters. The Steam install base represents an incredibly small fraction of the player-base, and with that being the case 1.7 is going nowhere.

The fix is relatively simple. download the 1.7 .exe linked below and use it to replace the iw3mp.exe in your install folder. Unfortunately Steam has removed the ability to completely stop a game from receiving updates. However, CoD4 doesn't require Steam to play, so you can simply move the "Call of Duty 4" folder out of Steam's directory and put it literally anywhere else. If you don't want to do this, at least make a backup of the folder, or at the very least the 1.7 executable as there's nothing at all stopping another "patch" from doing this all over again.

You need to be logged in to download the file.
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