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  1. A few points, We've had some issues in the past that ended up with us just banning advertizing of any kind for anything. It's in the rules and has been for 9 years. If we don't stay hard-nosed on this we get accused of double standards. While it seems Lunar has made his feelings towards you clear, you're free to talk in the server lol. We're not going to ban you for having an opinion. This was a special case, and wouldn't have happened without the coinciding GUID weirdness. As far as Pettybone goes. There are any number of explanations for that twitching and the fact that it's a killcam doesn't help. It's nice dealing with someone who can form complete sentences, so thanks for that.
  2. It's bizarre, but that could have been any number of things. Especially given that it's a killcam.
  3. Seriously, are you just trolling now or are you really this thick?
  4. *Spin*, *spin*, *spin*, "whoah where am I", "oh", *correct*, boom trick-shot. Thread purged of the gay.
  5. lol Do you realize what you're saying? Or is the glue just that strong?
  6. Gryphus_1


    Then I would suggest purchasing a copy of the game. You wouldn't run into these types of issues.
  7. Since you graced us with the mention of BW again, let me reiterate. You lying cum-stains will never be welcome back here. The reason Flaco isn't included in that is because he's the only I believe hasn't tried mating with vegetables.
  8. Lol? I've never seen anyone use 'Submit reply' in place of a period before. So that's neat. You really are the strangest bunch of glue-sniffers we've ever had.
  9. Saying that you were being french was alluding to my previous statements about your behavior and the typical stereotype of the french being rude, arrogant and self-righteous. All traits you have beautifully demonstrated time and again. To rephrase. Had you been less of an asshole in your initial post, less of yourself, you would have had nothing but help. But no, your attitude in the server once again overflowing to here was the last straw for me. As you can see, I know how to be rude as well. Though if you go back and look, while rude, I wasn't unreasonable in my first post. We could have moved on and resolved things. Even still you desperately cling to your stance that Lunar and I were the only ones being rude and unreasonable. I'm beginning to think you're not even capable of recognizing it, since apparently we are now the ones who need you. I would like to apologize to any French who have the misfortune of reading all this, for ever associating you with the narcissistic sociopath that is Tamsko.
  10. So you like Cow's post. I see how it is. That's what this whole thread could have been like, had your first post been less, french. You're too nice Cow.
  11. The term is "shit-post" thank you.
  12. If you are finished, I would genuinely like to thank you for an entertaining evening.
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