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Hey guys. What's your opinion on the HipShotDot? Basically, its a LED light you stick onto your screen when you are playing FPS games. Because your crosshairs always center in the middle, you can shoot without aiming down sight. Here is video demonstration.


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"Always cheat. Always win. The only unfair fight is the one you lose." - U.S. Marines.
In my entire enlistment , I never heard this come out of any marine, or printed anywhere. With that being said, lets analyze that a bit. They are taking a quote that originated as a thought process to teach men that you should fight in any manner you think will keep you and your men alive in battle. They are taking this quote and applying it to video games to lessen the guilt someone might have for using a device that may give them an advantage... wow
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Only two thoughts came to my mind.. First, those "professional gamers" at the end.. wow, just wow. They were just awkward. Second, more disturbing though.. Doge, please stop giving away my secrets. I like them where they are, that is, not in the open.





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