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  1. How everyone been I'm still Siege I guess. Been too busy making racks and degrees.
  2. Siege


    The ability to spot enemies is one that's in like every FPS nowadays. Would really make people work together in a team.
  3. Boards wrote:Very scary! Sincerely glad you are okay, Broaddus. Were you camping his spawn earlier?Lol I'm pretty sure that's not Broad, but still funny comment.
  4. Haven't posted here in a long time. I've always likes Cage The Elephant but never got passed their first album. Recently gave their new album a listen and this is definitely a favorite. This is my favorite from their first album Another good one from the newest album
  5. The Aria is really good. The hotel room was really nice and really really cool. Need to bring my girl there next time....
  6. This is my favorite pic.
  7. I was really confused at what Game Spot is. I guess you meant Game Stop?
  8. I saw a bit of one episode from this season, and it seems very well done for a web show. I know it was crowd funded and that's how they have such high quality for the episodes, but I don't know if the same quality exists for previous seasons before they used crowdfunding.
  9. Siege


    Alluzion, 10th grader, brothel specialist.
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