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  1. Ruthless_One


    I am in the bathroom, hold on....
  2. Truly guys you are the right choices for these roles. Welcome and Congratulations.
  3. Pale, fact is all admins felt the same way, enough was enough and our decision stands. Thank you for having been part of NetJam for a while, but our decision stands.
  4. You know what would really help us Adrian? Your in game name, time of this incident and date. That would be awesome...
  5. Hey Daring! Thank you for your post. I like #1. #2 we don't allow 3 Frags already, so we'll discuss your proposition with the other seniors and see what happens. Juggernaut I agree with you also, but we still have to discuss with all the seniors. #3 We, as far as I understood, we have it set to Max Ping of 350 after that you're kicked. You have to understand that we have many people connecting from all over the world and it would also be unfair to them if we set it any lower since there's not very many good servers left to begin with. #4 I like that too!!! #5 We have something already setup as well, where admins have key words and will ping admins if anyone says those Key words. It's just that were a little short staffed right now, so you'll just have to bear with us. Thanks again for your input!!!
  6. Hey oXidzz, welcome back and we hope you keep coming back. Thanks for stopping by in our forums and see you in the battle ground!
  7. Dragoneel, our server has been running for quite some time now, we have a way of doing things internally that have worked good for everyone so far. So we are terribly sorry but we can't drop everything we are currently working on to work only on your problems. I hear moms are good at that though...Besides, your situation has already been cleared.
  8. Hi Cheeky Buddy, I banned you. I spectated you for 2 maps, because I had a suspected kill from you. I started to spectate you and I noticed that you didn't have any recoil on your AK. I kept on spectating and noticed how you traced people through walls and would immediately fire when they popped out. I spectated you along with 3 other admins, all of which agreed about your tracing and no recoil. Can you explain your side of the story?
  9. does that mean two mistakes will equal a right??? Damm double negatives...!!!!
  10. See I'm not scare of heights...Like most people...I don't get vertigo or anything like that. I'm just afraid of falling from such high places. This guys was amazing.
  11. Ok....I've done some really scary sh@t in my days... From torture training to jumping off of planes, and such...But this would scare the crap out of me...Honestly Awesome video boards.
  12. Quake your ban is still being reviewed but we will have an answer for you very soon.
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