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  1. ><(((o> ><(((o> >><<(((((((O>>>
  2. tattoos are my addiction..
  3. thanks boards! likewise as well!
  4. good! I finally got back into gaming again! work schedule was terrible.... miss you guys... see you all on TS and the field..
  5. be safe and don't get shocked!
  6. chAr<3


    continuation of my tattoos... this one is a wizard with a crystal ball, the meaning for this is to put my life story in the crystal ball.... tatt is still ongoing at this moment..
  7. here's one of my tattoos on my ribs, it's my islands seal on the flag.... with a ripped skin effect. to be continued..........
  8. as of right now!... (exactly right now lol)
  9. crossing australia out from the bucket list...... x
  10. p90 silencer, uav jammer, dead silence
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