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  1. Thanks for the report. Banned under the name Boris. AFK'd in the server after these demo's were taken.
  2. @Rice I want to apologize to you for this. I searched the forums and did not see you listed on the members list, nor could I find you in the forums. I was the one who changed your name in-game. I am very sorry for this. Hope to see you in game soon!
  3. SqshyYoshi


    Veteran also known as Veteran_Player was banned by FlamingPig. Thanks for the report!
  4. SqshyYoshi


    Thank you for the demo, Petty. Although this was on Shipment, I viewed plenty of tracking and prefiring to justify DeTMOPOZ was using a Wallhack and Aim Assist. This player has been banned.
  5. I've never seen a ban appeal fail so miserably, and so quickly. Hikari, you have zero respect for the playerbase, the server, Net-Jam, and from what it sounds like, yourself. Constantly loading in the server, typing literal crap before being kicked, then completing this cycle on rotation is getting you nowhere. Just go, know that you're no longer welcome here and get on with your life. Also, how does typing this crap get your rocks off? Monday, 12/20/2021 (18:26)Hikari Nozomi LuNaR, unban me please, you gay lover! =) 17:09:44 Hikari Nozomi: LuNaR, you gay loving retard! When are you gonna unban me, you idiot? =) Like seriously? How low of a life do you have to degrade yourself to constant trolling of a server on a 14 year old game? I swear, this game is older than you, or it's older than your maturity.
  6. This is also BritishSlut, who I've watched countless times and found no proof of manipulation. I'll continue to monitor this player.
  7. A complete joke.. unless it's true.
  8. I support this 100%, particularly because @LuNaR has made it so Heli's go straight for me first (you bastard!). Threw me off at first when I didn't get a heli with a couple of kills from an airstrike, but figured this was the case. Kudos on making this happen! I'd say 10 years late, but I really enjoy this change.
  9. I don't see anyone in the Net-Jam community constantly calling people "cunts" in the server. You're degrading the server every time you're on. Seriously, just shut up and play the game (well, I guess you're kinda forced to do this now LOL). Really nice of you to bring up immaturity. Complaining and name-calling every time you're on the server shows real maturity.
  10. But, I like being a man-hoe, particularly to Boards, but he never shows up. I do got a dick in a box though.
  11. So Supra wasn't banned. I asked him politely to remove the scroll wheel from his fire and he did. As far as I'm concerned that should have closed this thread. If Supra is using a scroll wheel to fire, then we can move on to the next phase. However, this isn't really the place on the forums to attack eachother like this.
  12. SqshyYoshi


    Hey Cow, thank you for the report. I saw you had reported him ingame and I came in to take a look. I have a demo as well. I didn't see anything that would justify him using a wallhack or anything to assist him. Seemed like he just pans around in a strange way. In my demo, you can see him miss a lot of people, and doesn't track walls. yaretv1.dm_1 yaretv2.dm_1
  13. I'm not seeing any users under DEAGLE KING. I know you have like 50 alias'. What's another?
  14. I swear to all that is holy, if someone brings up prime one more time. Seriously, we've had multiple admins and moderators look at Sticky, on multiple occasions, across hundreds of maps. I believe I have close to 200 demos on him, and nothing is conclusive. Do you really think we don't do our due-diligence and vet players, that have been on the server for years? If an admin is not present, and you see Sticky come on, take a demo. Don't instigate a fight with him, don't type anything. Just sit in spectate and get a demo. Post that demo here on the forums under the report section, and let us see.
  15. I've watched this player on numerous occasions, however I never saw anything blatant. I also never felt the need to record a demo because nothing was suspicious.
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