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  1. I'm going with a definite hard no on this appeal. This players chat log speaks for itself.
  2. SqshyYoshi


    I'm going to say no to this. Don Dada is a racist piece of trash and has no place in the server.
  3. After 5 years of dating, I finally popped the question. She said yes!
  4. I've watched Hyperion too many times than I can count. I've also decimated him on multiple occasions. Each time I've spectated him, I have seen nothing out of the ordinary.
  5. Those look spectacular Toots! I didn't realize we have an artist in the server. I don't know what program you use, but you should check out this HumbleBundle, CorelPainter and a ton of other stuff. You should check it out. tinyurl.com/12c8xo8f
  6. SqshyYoshi

    _BusTeR: WH

    Thank you for the report Pettybone. I banned this player yesterday.
  7. Thank you for the report Pettybone. He has been banned.
  8. I might be building a new PC in December (Cyber Monday, yay!!). I can get this old one off to you without peripherals and SSD/M.2.
  9. SqshyYoshi


    Thank you for the report Bloodshot. I'll keep my eye out for him and give him a few warning kicks. I think I know the times he joins the server. Looking at his ping, he's definitely not in the US, but I looked as his chat logs and he speaks English. So maybe he'll get the picture after a few kicks.
  10. SqshyYoshi


    Hello Mathieu, Please upload the demo you took for a review.
  11. This player has been banned for Aimbot. Thanks for the report Petty!
  12. Hey team, Just banned c+ Railgun for a wall hack. Toggling it on pretty hard throughout the maps, video 3 and 4 are where he toggled the hardest. I doubled checked and most of these players had UAV Jammer and Dead Silence as perks. railgunv1.dm_1 railgunv2.dm_1 railgunv3.dm_1 railgunv4.dm_1 railgunv5.dm_1
  13. Server is fantastic, and gungame is fun. However, -1 due to owner of server resetting when he's losing.
  14. Hey team, Shina with a toggle. Pretty positive about 4-5 minutes left in the map. Shinav1_1587768533.dm_1
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