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  1. This player has been banned for Aimbot. Thanks for the report Petty!
  2. Hey team, Just banned c+ Railgun for a wall hack. Toggling it on pretty hard throughout the maps, video 3 and 4 are where he toggled the hardest. I doubled checked and most of these players had UAV Jammer and Dead Silence as perks. railgunv1.dm_1 railgunv2.dm_1 railgunv3.dm_1 railgunv4.dm_1 railgunv5.dm_1
  3. Server is fantastic, and gungame is fun. However, -1 due to owner of server resetting when he's losing.
  4. Hey team, Shina with a toggle. Pretty positive about 4-5 minutes left in the map. Shinav1_1587768533.dm_1
  5. Shina has been banned for AA and AB.
  6. The next time someone see's Shina, ban after seeing this demo. Shinav11_1587772830.dm_1
  7. More for shiva, most definite toggle aimbot. Shinav4_1587770113.dm_1
  8. More for Shina. shinav7_1587770864.dm_1 shinav9_1587772001.dm_1
  9. And another demo. Extremely suspicious about 5 minutes in (sorry not sorry). shinav6_1587770857.dm_1
  10. Hey team, Got a wallhacker. I'm pretty sure this is the same guy that Loks was. Uses R700 blue tiger, and same play style. Runs around with Deagle, picking up random weapons, snipes occasionally.
  11. Hey Team, pHilco with a wallhack. Lunar got him 02/8/20.
  12. Dude has been on here for 2 days. Can we get a ban on him? Or someone to come in the server regularly and admin it please?
  13. SqshyYoshi


    Thanks Boardsie!
  14. SqshyYoshi


    Hey team, Meant to post this the other day, but 1/2 with a wallhack.
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