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  1. But, I like being a man-hoe, particularly to Boards, but he never shows up. I do got a dick in a box though.
  2. So Supra wasn't banned. I asked him politely to remove the scroll wheel from his fire and he did. As far as I'm concerned that should have closed this thread. If Supra is using a scroll wheel to fire, then we can move on to the next phase. However, this isn't really the place on the forums to attack eachother like this.
  3. SqshyYoshi


    Hey Cow, thank you for the report. I saw you had reported him ingame and I came in to take a look. I have a demo as well. I didn't see anything that would justify him using a wallhack or anything to assist him. Seemed like he just pans around in a strange way. In my demo, you can see him miss a lot of people, and doesn't track walls. yaretv1.dm_1 yaretv2.dm_1
  4. I'm not seeing any users under DEAGLE KING. I know you have like 50 alias'. What's another?
  5. I swear to all that is holy, if someone brings up prime one more time. Seriously, we've had multiple admins and moderators look at Sticky, on multiple occasions, across hundreds of maps. I believe I have close to 200 demos on him, and nothing is conclusive. Do you really think we don't do our due-diligence and vet players, that have been on the server for years? If an admin is not present, and you see Sticky come on, take a demo. Don't instigate a fight with him, don't type anything. Just sit in spectate and get a demo. Post that demo here on the forums under the report section, and let us see.
  6. I've watched this player on numerous occasions, however I never saw anything blatant. I also never felt the need to record a demo because nothing was suspicious.
  7. I'm going with a definite hard no on this appeal. This players chat log speaks for itself.
  8. SqshyYoshi


    I'm going to say no to this. Don Dada is a racist piece of trash and has no place in the server.
  9. After 5 years of dating, I finally popped the question. She said yes!
  10. I've watched Hyperion too many times than I can count. I've also decimated him on multiple occasions. Each time I've spectated him, I have seen nothing out of the ordinary.
  11. Those look spectacular Toots! I didn't realize we have an artist in the server. I don't know what program you use, but you should check out this HumbleBundle, CorelPainter and a ton of other stuff. You should check it out. tinyurl.com/12c8xo8f
  12. SqshyYoshi

    _BusTeR: WH

    Thank you for the report Pettybone. I banned this player yesterday.
  13. Thank you for the report Pettybone. He has been banned.
  14. I might be building a new PC in December (Cyber Monday, yay!!). I can get this old one off to you without peripherals and SSD/M.2.
  15. SqshyYoshi


    Thank you for the report Bloodshot. I'll keep my eye out for him and give him a few warning kicks. I think I know the times he joins the server. Looking at his ping, he's definitely not in the US, but I looked as his chat logs and he speaks English. So maybe he'll get the picture after a few kicks.
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