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Drawings. Sketches. Doodles.


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Hello all,
I wasn't really thinking before when i posted a drawing on the Models Thread lol, so I thought i would make a thread for everyone to post some of their drawings, sketches, or even doodles!

Here are a few of mine...

b7a89276509ac4d4265c93138beb9e2d.jpg Eye of the tiger lol 2013

16fff5cba036ecde8f9916c01a1a6da6.jpg Mercedes SLR Mclaren' 2012

c9da9e75ec83ec42609ed2d84a2e5a3c.jpg Wild mustang 2013

6cdd34465ab66f56a4b63b320a96f031.jpg Horse 2013

625f562fde2ad3abc0bc6bfa73a9af96.jpg Hawk & lizard 2012

7beea52f8a5c9ad6d43d64f9bc92c536.jpg Jaguar 2012

Post some of yours, i'd love too see them! [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]


DoDo out

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Dodo these are awesome - you clearly have a talent! Drawing and sketching has always been something I would have liked to be good at, but alas, I'm useless :p

I wonder if Boards might be able to add to this thread, as this seems right up his street. No pressure mate, but I'd love to see an example of what you do :d

This kind of stuff is what this forum is all about, I really think it's a great addition. I might try and start a writing thread and show you all what I do, and if anyone has a blog or something they can post in there. Thoughts?

Anyways, not to get off topic, thanks very much for sharing Dodo!

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Beautiful work DoDo! As Wabdin says, you are truly talented. Nice to see that you draw things from real life too. Getting them to look correct is very challenging. Very nice job indeed!

Thanks for the mention Wabdin. I will get some stuff in here and would love to see some of your writing too. What a pleasure it is to see these new dimensions of all the people who play in here. A remarkable group. Again, great idea Gryphus!


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Haha, Thanks Wabdin and Boards! Much appreciated!!! :d

I'd love to see some of your stuff Boards!
Im also excited to see some of your writing Wab, lately I've been really interested in writing.

Agreed this forum is an awesome addition!

Also, for those wondering, the Mercedes in drawing 2 is Gryph's preferred drive by vehicle of choice.
Haha really!? the Mustang i drew, i gave to Gryph and the Mercedes i gave to my dad lol :oops:

Thanks again guys! :d

DoDo out

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Haha, from the sounds of things Gryph prefers his Mustangs, I'm only fooling around :d Although I reckon the Mercedes has a higher top speed - an essential feature for a drive by admin.

Either way, both drawings are awesome!

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You welcome :)

This guy works looks so amazing of tutorial on this website.

He is using double (dual) action with air flow adjustment. I think needle diameter size is 0.3 or 0.4 mm. or 0.2 lol hmm I don't know :dizzy:
I can say needle is most important parts in airbrush ;-)
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