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  1. Thank you for your selection of NJ-Rycse. Due to the current world pandemic we are spread a little thin. you wait time may be longer than previously advertised. Thank you for choosing Net-Jam HR for all your HR needs. Please feel free to contact us should you require any assistance transitioning in this time of need.
  2. It has been filed in the propper location.
  3. Hi Kidkibu, could i just get your ingame name, and when did this occur?
  4. Cyph3r

    John Boy

    Hey Mathdube, I have un-banned John Boy, however please tell him to watch how he speaks on the server as this isn't the first time he has been banned for this issue.
  5. Those are pretty nice photos and videos. Hopefully Turbo got wet when you sent them through
  6. Prodigy I would like to add. When you wear the NJ Tags you are representing this server. This means you must show other plays respect, regardless of how they treat you or whether they are an admin or not. We require other players for this server to survive and for that to happen they must feel welcome. As stated above by Fruits this ban is for 3 days and there is no need for a response.
  7. Cyph3r


    Hey Gov. We are currently reviewing your ban and will get back to you with the outcome.
  8. Hi I have had a look through our recent ban logs and your name did not show up. Was just curious whether you were playing under a different name or if the problem has been resolved
  9. Hey Amethyst. Just wanted to check if you are still banned. If so, does anyone else in your family play on the server? and also are you on a cracked GUID?
  10. Cyph3r

    Banned again

    We are reviewing the ban now and will get back to you very soon.
  11. Cyph3r

    i was banned

    Sorry for the late response. I have looked through our ban list but have been anable to find one under the name arschmy.
  12. Cyph3r

    i was banned

    Hey GameOver. Just curious what name you play under in game? If you could post the name exactly the way it is spelt in game this may help to find why you were banned.
  13. JerkStore wrote:Hello. I tried joining a game tonight and was told I am banned. I have no idea why. I have no memory of every playing on this server before.Please create a appeal in the ban appeal section of our forums.
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