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  1. Sounds like everyone's on the same page Really nice to hear that members are being proactive in doing what they can to point out the rules and suggest they are followed, good stuff Turbo! In these situations, 99 times out of 100 the compliance of players derives from the way we phrase our requests. Tactful, friendly approaches are the way forward, as a couple of you guys have pointed out already! Keep it up lads, Wab
  2. Awesome video, that flip was ridiculous! Wab
  3. Hi Marlon, I witnessed your outbursts first hand yesterday and was not impressed, please make an extra effort to keep such comments to yourself. We do not tolerate abuse of players here. To clear a few things up, you were not banned by an admin, you were banned automatically after the server detected you using unacceptable language. Your temporary ban was the result of you not heeding any of the three warnings that were sent your way by the system. Azn, we agree with you on the banning when incognito front, so we don't do it. This was an automatic boot. Wab
  4. Wab! Great to hear from you buddy, many congratulations on the news you'll be having another little guy coming along! All the best, Wab
  5. Awesome again Dodo!! [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0] Wab
  6. Wabdin

    Scary Movie

    These are so awesome. Always really interesting reading about your works Boards, thanks again for sharing! Wab
  7. Wabdin

    Uh oh.

    Fabulus! Hope you've been staying SUPER serious bro, good to see you back! No grease will be required though, Fierce will be helping bump up my KDR so high it won't matter when you get the odd lagtastic glitch kill on me. Wab
  8. Wabdin

    Uh oh.

    For those who don't know Fierce, here are a few fun facts about Net Jam's biggest noob: 1. He rigs the stats pages on the website to mislead people. 2. He loves smoke grenades. 3. He took a break from NJ after my consistently superior gameplay resulted in repeated ragequits. 4. He has returned to NJ to resume his Cod4 training under my wing. 5. Fierce is a known abuser of the martyrdom perk (ban on sight). Welcome back mate Wab
  9. 19th/20th September would be ideal for me (that's a Friday and Saturday). Starting anytime before 4:30pm PDT (otherwise it's a bit late for me). Wab
  10. I never listen to that noob. Wab
  11. Hi Alpha!! Glad to see you again bud, how've you been? As Kov says, jump on teamspeak for a chat! Wab
  12. We're all good thanks Tig, and yourself? I love the idea of mixing up teams between different groups/clans and having some friendly matches! I'd love to be a part of it and I'm sure a bunch of other NJ members would too Wab
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