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What is NJ description of "Respect" (and values in general) ?

I was on your server just now and you guys are still disrespecting my family with an automatic message that talks about them

I'm sure you love to think you're nice people with the moral high ground and all that (Admin power not affecting your judgement in anyway, of course)
So... What you think about stop being mean and DISRESPECTFUL people and just remove the automatic text talking about MY FAMILY ?
You love to think you're so better but you don't see how you act.. Like children.. Not to say "spoiled brats".

If you want to disrespect me and to insult me (like you always did), it's fine. I'm not afraid of your pathetic words towards me.
But can you look in the mirror right now and say that talking about my family wasn't, from you, a behaviour described as: dishonourable, unworthy and simply a lack of respect, nearly seen as cowardice...

At the end of the day, all I'm asking you, is to be the better person (you think you are) and to stop your childish and bullish behaviours.

PS: I'm still happily married and my child brings me joy and makes me proud. Jokes on you !

Best regards,

Tamsko / LazyDragon / U<3toH8

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"If words on a screen work you up this much.. then.. I just don't know what to say.

I guess it's time to touch grass /shrug"


What.. You are mad ?" It's just word on a screen...

All of NJ clan are bullies with no values and no virtues !?!?!?

Not seeing why it's REALLY BAD to talk about people family like that (On a public server, every time I connect) is a lack of proper education and logic! Did you guys at least received any kind of education from an adult when you were young ???
You were all raised by pigs or what ?

I came asking for the disrespect to end. And the only answer I have is this hypocrite nonsense ????
WORDS ON A SCREEN CAN BE DISRESPECTFUL ! Learn to be an adult before entering a conversation about values and virtues, KID.

Drop the insults about my family, drops the disrespect, drop the BS nonsense, drop the hypocrisy.
Stop thinking you are adults, stop thinking you have values and virtues (like honor, dignity, respect and so on). Stop thinking you are nice people when you act like this ...

It's either you act the correct way or you can definitely stop pretending being mature and adult. Stop thinking that you are a good people. YOU AIN'T !
If you think it's ok to disrespect someone's family, then you are a PoS that needs a dozen of smacks in his/her fugly face to be taught about the values that separates the civilised human from the salvage ones.

Yoshi, you have no values and no virtues... I pity you... And if you mad because of what I said about your family then have a taste of your own medicine, fking loser XD

"If words on a screen work you up this much.. then.. I just don't know what to say.

I guess it's time to touch grass /shrug"

Imagine being part of the group that are in the wrong and having nothing more then hypocrisy and nonsense to say in your defence XDXDXD
You are pathetic ! You and your clan are a JOKE !

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21 hours ago, Tamsko said:


Oof, you assume I have daughters. 

The amount of absolute retardation coming from you is unreal. You think personal insults are going to affect me? I've never met you, I've never seen you in real life, and you sound like an extremely frail, mentally challenged person. When was the last time I even talked to you? If ever? For you to know that I have no values or virtues?


I can't believe I'm even humoring you with a response. Weren't you banned not too long ago? I liked it better that way. 

But yes, my stance stays, if words on a screen hurt you then I don't know what to say. Grow a pair and learn the internet isn't always going to be nice to you.


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Looking back at your chat log, one of the first times I can see you bitch about this family stuff is on 02/06/2024. So it took you over 3 months to come on the forums and spew this nonsense? I've seen your greeting, and it's actually humorous, you just have a stick up your ass and can't see humor.


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Yoshi, what nick (or nicks) does Tamsko use in the game server?  I want to make sure I don't say type in anything to offend him!  Oof, I made a gender assumption, let me rephrase...  make sure I don't type in anything to offend... it.



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You guys think you're clever and went you're insulting my family ?
You guys think you're smart when you're mocking me here ?

Stop thinking you're adults nor civilised men. You ain't.
Insulting people's family, and playing the mocking card when asked to do the right thing.

You are pathetic. Look at yourself in a mirror! 

If you want to be seen as good people, start by not insulting others family.

If you want to be seen as respectable people, stop acting like children !

Delete the message about my family, and present me excuses for your wrong doing.

You're not gonna do anything, because you are NOT good people.

Bullies with admin power thinking they are so better then everyone when they open their mouth just to insult and mock..
Pathetic !




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humour: the quality of being amusing or comic, especially as expressed in literature or speech

Mockery: teasing and contemptuous language or behaviour directed at a particular person or thing

Comic: causing or meant to cause laughter.

You are so dumb. You think mockery is humour ?


Stupid people like you always think that "if it make me laugh then it's humour" . And stupid people like you are always wrong.

Humour: WANTS to make you laugh but sometimes it doesn't .

Comic: Makes people laugh, even if it doesn't want to

Mockery: Sometime it's comic, but it's NOT humour because the only goal of mockery is .. TO MOCK. Not to make people laugh.


You said something that made you laugh ?? It's not humour if you are mocking in the same time ! BITCH !

Become a man or at least an adult.

You think you're better and you don't hesitate to use BS arguments to justify your wrong doings.
You're a fucking loser, like the rest of your clan !

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Lazy Dragon... got it.

I mean you no disrespect Tamsko but I hope you can resolve things at your end.   Your posts here are far more toxic than any jokes I've seen in-game.  As an admin and a player, Yoshi is awesome and often jokes with players but always in a non-serious way.  That's why I replied to this thread because it seems like you are being very toxic over 'basically nothing'.  See, a couple admins have joked about me in the past, and in fact I've been a long-time 'target' for Gryphus but.. somehow it has never phased me one bit.   It's because I've known these admins in the sense that we shared some good times in the past and I would never want to irritate or piss off any of them.  But as far as the joking or being made fun of - be aware that outside our nicknames, these players and admins do not really know us at all.  After all these years, they only might know about how I sound on comms (though it's been years at this point) although I was into some 'grass' back then so I must've given off quite a perception.  Thankfully, none of that stuff anymore :)   So my point to all this is, none of us know you and beyond just seeing and playing with 'Lazy Dragon' in-game, that's as far as the train route goes there.   Just like the social media sites, and from users not using their real name (or even a real picture avatar) - these unknowns feel 'safe' in their mom's basement or garage, or wherever the hell they are going online from and in feeling safe, many of these users have no problem insulting complete strangers.  Same with being in-game with the NJ server/COD4 and sometimes, even more graphically insulting.  So should you get so upset and take it personal?  Absolutely not because.........  You don't know them and they don't know you!  So my advice to you is to either ignore it or play along with it and don't take things personally.  I thought about this too - maybe you are not from the USA and therefore, what you are experiencing is not acceptable from wherever you're from (a culture thing)?  In that case, know that many EUs, Aussies, and US players tend to be rude at times but in almost all cases, it's never serious.  US players are the rudest for sure LOL.


I hope you can understand that I'm trying to help you out here but if the tirades continue and leads to something else... at least I know I will have attempted to bring you back from the ledge in a good way.  The irony of all this is, the admins own and pay for the server every month - it's their house.  If someone were to come into my house (my actual house) and start a tirade such as you have done here a few times now, I would literally taze/pepper spray the person and throw him out and shout 'You Not Come Here Anymore!".

Hope that makes sense and is helpful advice to you and if it isn't - Oh Well :classic_biggrin:






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On 5/22/2024 at 6:43 PM, SqshyYoshi said:

I.. I don't know if you know this, but this is just a game. If words on a screen work you up this much.. then.. I just don't know what to say.

I guess it's time to touch grass /shrug



""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Instead of taking down the offensive automatic message that was disrespectful towards my family, you choose to ban me ...

You want to bully and abuse on your admin power like a bunch of brainless spoiled children XD

The task was simple: Remove the automatic message disrespecting someone's family.
Instead.. bans the guy...

You guys think you have the moral high ground and won't hesitate to abuse on your admin privileges just to bully and mock people.

Bully, hypocrites, abuse on admin power...
Never asking yourself: Hmmm maybe I was wrong to use my admin power to disrespect someone's family

"Touch grass".. That's your advise for me ?
Here's mine for you: Grown up! Become a man ! SHOW RESPECT !

I guess I won't see you guys again cuz you gonna ban me from this forum also so you won't have to justify why you think it's appropriate to disrespect people family like that XDXD
NJ clan is a JOKE !

Farewell, losers !

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We show a baseline of respect toward all our players. That can rise or fall depending on our interactions. Guess which way you went.

Since this is likely the last interaction you and I will have, I'd just like to say that you're one of the worst cock-juggling thunder-cunts we've ever seen. I pity your family. Goodbye.

P.S. See avatar.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Hey Tam/Lazy,

I am sorry to see you go. I was the one who dropped the ban on you Friday, mostly to try and help you move on. It seems both on the forum and in game, you don't seem very happy when you come to play. While the insults may have been flying, we all need to take this with a grain of salt. Most of us come here to play games, relax and some of even like to talk smack about each other. It seems you don't like the smack talk, and in all honesty, it probably won't stop. I like to make a good "so is your mom" joke in game, and most people take it like it is - a meaningless attempt to get a rise out of somebody and affect their game play. I hope that you are able to find another server to play on and regain that joy of playing this old game. Peace out bro and best wishes.

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This was a lot to read.

 I skipped much of it, however I noticed that Yoshi’s signature line girl looks a lot like Suzanne, the young lady from my artistically articulated,  wonderfully worded,  phantastically phrased,  outstandingly organized, sensually sexualized poem to end all poems, “Suzanne.” 

She’ll chain you down with an evil upside down frown and make you wish your ass never came to her town.  

She’ll have her way and her fun with you b4 she is through.  

They call her Suzanne…


Who the F are you? 

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