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  1. Cow

    For Cow

    Looks like Mr. Bear was a little too early for dinner that night! Or possibly, you were a couple minutes too late to bag your dinner. Crazy!
  2. Cow

    For Cow

    That is so cool Irene! Out your backyard, or just in the area? Kinda like deer around here, just out grazing in the field. Moo!
  3. Cow


    Clearly needs a spanking
  4. Cow


    Ha, I guess he was already banned while I was making the post. Moo!
  5. Cow


    Waller. Was here for a few rounds with increasing complaints. Finally stopped playing long enough to record. Even tho it is a small map, the tail end of the recording where he tracked sticky and capt from below the level they were at was pretty obv with no uav or sounds to give position away. Others might post more vid.
  6. Cow


    imho pretty obvious wh
  7. Cow

    Fishmoney wall

    Yep, have a 2mb cap. Includes him quick scoping through buildings with no uav.
  8. Quiet - At the bottom of the new post text box, there is a drop down called "Select Label To Add". Drop it down and select Report. Moo!
  9. Cow


    Yep. No worries Bonerz. Just spec'ing for a bit and asking for a second look at the demo. I don't have issues playing with you, but try to help the admins by posting now and then. There were a few times that you seemed to track a player before they became viz and there was no active uav. Moo!
  10. Cow


    Seems to do a lot of tracking. Playing without my headphones, so maybe some aural cues, but sometimes a little hard to believe. Especially towards the end of the demo.
  11. Cow

    Server lagging out

    Not sure where else to report, but there are clearly some lag issues on the server side of things. Seems sporadic. Anything that can be done? Report to host? Moo!
  12. Redneck is doing the crashing. Only player to stick around after the crash when others go down.
  13. Cow

    d.u.k.e.7 ?

    This can be achieved without hacks or glitching. The jump takes some practice, but essentially you have to do a running jump from the railing at the top of the sniper building in the middle of the map. You land on a telephone pole and then have to high jump to the palm tree. From there you can actually get onto the roof of the open ceiling building in the corner of the map with a mini-gun or the roof of the building next to it. With a highly populated server like NJ, it can be hard to make it to the palm tree without getting picked off first (unless enemy is pinned in the garage). I can show anybody interested how to do this while on the server, just be prepared to die a lot while learning Moo!
  14. Cow

    Haskell n Chill

    Shazz- Follow the player you want to record as a spectator. Open the console, type "/record filename" (I usually use the name of the player I am following). When you are done recording, open the console again and type "/stoprecord". The file will be saved in your game folder under main/demos.
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