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  1. Cow

    FSX_GodKiller WH

    I banned him this morning. Thank you for the post and report.
  2. No clue, but I would be pretty confident that this isn't something on the server side. Mouse control is 100% on your PC side of the wire. Damage, can't speak with any authority on that - but if you have been hacked (i.e. spybot, malware, ...) it can definitely impact your latency. Lunar has a good point about the modified game. Some servers will auto start a d/l of the modified version of COD. If you let that go all the way through, you are running an unknown version of the game - who knows what tweaks or exploits they made. Look at the simple things first. Have you tried cleaning your mouse? I use compressed air on my optical mouse at least once a week, but I have a somewhat dusty office. My mouse pad also needs cleaning once in a while. Do you leave your system running all the time? If so, reboot. Running any antivirus? Do a scan. Try running without the AV (sometimes those programs can get REAL invasive). Look at what programs are getting started when you boot your system. Anything unfamiliar? Run with the Task Manager open on the graph page to see if there is any unusual activity. If there is, toggle to the detail tab and sort by CPU usage to see what is sucking the CPU down. When is the last time you updated your OS? Those are the only things I can think of off the top of my head. Hope something in here helps. Moo!
  3. FWIW, depending on where the determination is made for a hit (server or client), you actually could probably write some code to modify damage based on GUID, but really - why would anybody do that? It would be a really kludgy bit of code, and the GUID probably isn't even accessible at that depth of the code and would bog down ALL players with an expression evaluation for every action. It would be much easier to just ban a player or continually harass with burns or slaps in game than going through the effort to find the right place in the code to make a modification, compile the code and upload it to the server. For that matter, might even be more fun to do a macro replacement on a player's name to say "doody head" each time, kinda like AF and poor Arce. Moorific!
  4. Dayum! I make one trolling joke about being able to target a player with a customized hack (including the obligatory tongue out emoji, in case somebody thought I was serious) and the interwebs blow up. Nice job guys! This made for a very entertaining start of the day. Party on Wayne!
  5. Does this problem happen consistently across connections? Maybe Lunar invoked his special "Tam only" modification
  6. Flacid! Miss you bud, please stop by sometime soon. Man, your reaction time is impressive. Looks like a fun time. Moo
  7. Cow


    Guessing you made them get set off by anybody, but only opp team or planter will take damage. Not a fan of the deviation from the normal pattern of the game.
  8. Cow


    What did you do to clays Lunar? Seems they are exploding by the person who set them when they run past - not all the time and not all players, but several that I watched.
  9. Cow

    Cheater WH

    No recording?
  10. Cow

    IDK Just asking

    Maybe because you are playing the wrong game? Unless, of course, you really are playing ARK - the game where you posted your message on the forum. Not answering your question, just trying to stir things up. Moo!
  11. Cow

    @bic: No Recoil

    Glad you got that Petty. I had been playing Bog with him last week, and he was clearly tracking me through the bus - abruptly changing direction when I did. I wasn't able to catch him later while recording, so I never posted. JD said he was keeping an eye on him too. Never understand why folks revert to hax. Moo
  12. Cow


    Fuzzy - Are you saying that Lunar has his hand up Gryph's derriere?
  13. Cow


    Thx for looking into it Yosh!
  14. Cow


    Bit of what appears to be tracking towards end of match (if not earlier). yaret.dm_1
  15. It is even funnier how you keep claiming that you weren't doing it until after I let you know about the server rules. Don't even bother trying to start telling me that you weren't, it is pretty obvious when a G3 is used in rapid fire beyond any players ability to mash the fire button that they are scrolling. What I really love is you telling the hosts of the server what they should be telling their guests to do in game and how you talk smack about their hosted server. Talk about kids, lol! Keep on keeping on...
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