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  1. OMG I write "I now" instead of "i know" ... plz kill me
  2. Hi NJ. I really miss shooting you guys so i'm wondering if you'll let me a 2nd chance. I recognize that my behaviors were wrong. I had angryness feed by a "injustice" feeling. I mean.. I literally went rogue after a guys called me "nerd" ... It was childish and idiot. And i'm sorry for how things went. If you don't want me back in your server, i'll understand. My behaviors on that day was not the only issu. But also my "not pleasant" ways of complaining about teamates camping in spawns.. I was wrong from A to Z. And i know it now that i had time to think about it. It's your decision and i'll respect it. But if you allow me a second chance, i'll make it worth. Hey Myth ! You called me "nerd" as a joke. You meant no offence and in a way it was a kind of compliment on the 100+ kills i had that game... Sorry dude.. i was mad at myself that day and you took the hit.. No fair. I'm sorry. I want cookies ! Tamsko
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