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  1. Till the end, you'll be a jerk.. Blaming me for being from a country ? I'M FRENCH AND GRYPHUS DISLIKE IT !!!!! BE AWARE !!! There were nothing more to add to this tread but you had to open your filthy mouth cuz you love drama and you have nothing better to do.. I pity you, really I do. No hate, no anger. See, I spent some time thinking why you and Lunar are like this. And the only good answer is: Cuz you need it. YOU NEED ME. YOU are the one coming back at me with mean comments. YOU are the one needing the drama to happen. Not me. I'm just the blind fool that was feeding low morals trolls from the beginning. But that's the thing. You want me to continue to argue. YOU NEED ME TO CONTINUE TO ARGUE. YOU NEED ME XD I don't need you. I needed someone to understand my issue and to answer it nicely. Just like Cow did. (Animals > Humans XD) I've been to harsh on your community, some of you still have some education to show :) Also, THIS TREAD IS DEAD! Keep shooting your venom at me now. Nobody but you 2 jerks cares anymore. Cheers
  2. Ok then, Cow. If it's not a hack. WTF happened ? Was playing as usual them POOF ! Mouse sensibility fucked up, damage reduced and I can't move my gun when I'm aiming. Reinstalled the game twice. Nothing changed. What, in your opinion, could be the source of this bugs/malfunctions ? Cheers
  3. Me: I'm done with you guys. Nothing good is gonna come from this tread. Especially now that you guys are more triggered then a Karen.. Them:
  4. XD Only replying cuz you keep coming back at me :) Yeah, i'm done with your BS, sir. Was eating with my family and completely forgot the existence of your sorry ass. (Cuz, I have more important things to do then to listen to the shit you post. While a no-life like you had nothing else better to do then waiting for my answers XD) As you said: "cmon, don't make me hanging" .. Get a life dude Now i gonna spend the rest of the evening with my family and NOT THINK OF SHIT TALKING LOSERS LIKE YOU XDDDD So pathetic. You're the one wanting to argue on internet with strangers XD You're the problem of you own life XDXD And bullying online won't help you, kidz. Let this tread die in peace. Cheers
  5. Je me ris de vous. Vous êtes pathetique. Vous aimez prendre les gens pour cibles et vous délecter des saloperies que vous pourrez leurs cracher au visage. Vous vous croyez; superieur, tout permit, et intouchable. Alors qu'en verité, vous êtes minables. une petite bande de cons. Arrogant, pretentieux, condescendant et hypocrite. Je vous plains. Il vous faut de l'aide. Cordialement,
  6. Damn bro.. You're so pathetic. I was chilling when I had a notification from the forum. I'm like: "Great.. Another bully who wants to speak shit" All of this for what ? "Bla bla, France is dumb" "Bla bla, I'm not from USA" Dude, I really pity you. You don't need help, you need a life. Maybe try to go out, meet people ? Take some vitamins before leaving the house, kid. (And at your point, sunscreen too) If you don't have something nice or pertinent to say, you'll just be humiliating yourself publicly and ignored accordantly. Cheers
  7. Gryphus_1 you just proved me you're an ignorant kid. 1- France has the world record for the most wins in war. 2- Without France, USA would have lost there independence war. (So, your welcome. Yankee) 3- USA lost all there war since WW2. Keep talking "Clearing your name" ??? That's not something achievable anymore. Bullies are dumb XD Saying what ever to try to be right? I pity you
  8. What for ? XD As i said You're the one picking on me. You're the one who want to bully. You're the problem. I came asking for help and answers. Look where it brought me... I only receive stupid captions and mockery from people calling themselves "admins, mature, adults .." Come at me ? Ok. Fix the bugs I have ingame to make it fair and it's on. Otherwise.. You're just humiliating yourself.. "Come at me".. Right...Like it's gonna happen ? I gonna take a 20H (or more) plane ticket to what ever shit hole you live in, just to fight a silly man like you. Be real dude
  9. Childish and useless. Just as you are XD
  10. Mocking some more !!! You guys do really love to bully and to think highly of yourselves XD Gryphus_1: Remember this : A warrior, want to fight and win over a strong opponent. BUT A bully is a coward cuz he/she doesn't want the opposition to fight back. You call that a sport ? You're a disgrace of a human.
  11. OMG page 2 ??? WOW All this for your mockery to fit in the conversation ! When you realise I wrote here to get help at the first place. And that people are still mocking, acting like a child for no reason. How pathetic you are. Showing us your next purchase ? I'm glad you came out of the closet. So proud of you. Do something constructive now. instead of mocking people on internet :) I pity you. Cheers
  12. Wasn't on purpose. Still mocking me ???? Dude, I pity you. Do something constructive for once.
  13. It's a typo. They still with me XDXD I meant : Lives, not leaves Ok, that's on me :) But thank you for throwing me at my face that my family left me XD ONLY A VERY NICE PERSON WOULD DO THAT !!!
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