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i get banned.. Please Help


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Hi Mr

i get banned on the date " 2023 - 02 - 20 "  It was after sunset, I think.

my name " Dark & Light " I read the reason for the ban "wallhack" .. 

I was playing normally and using uav,,

I ask you to kindly lift the ban on me because I am an old player and I like to spend a good time after my shifts from work.


my regards

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I was the moderator who banned you. You were able to 1) pre-fire/aim around corners and through walls without UAV, and 2) able to pre-aim from a distance without UAV. This drew red flags to me as a wallhack. I'll attach the demos to this thread, if another admin/moderator wishes to review them (which I would highly appreciate) then we will make a determination. As it stands, I am under the imprdarkandlightv2.dm_1darkandlightv1.dm_1ession there was a wallhack present.


If it is determined there is no wallhack or other malicious play, then I will happily reverse the ban and approve the appeal. Please be patient while other admins review the demos.


@LuNaR @Cow @Boards if you have a chance, can you review these? There were more than 3 strikes after I reviewed them a second time. However, I think on Overgrown (v1), one or two might have just been spam spots.


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19 hours ago, SqshyYoshi said:


After further review, your appeal has been granted. Please post here if you are unable to join the server.


Thank you!

The ban is lifted and now I can play, thank you! very much for your time and I am grateful for your prompt service.

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