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Found 17 results

  1. are all former bw members still banned ?
  2. Hi, So... Something ain't right with my game since today. I was playing in the server (as usual). I got picked on by some noob whining players (as usual). New players (screen names) that I've never saw before. I didn't think much of it because I'm getting insulted on a regular basis in your friendly and welcoming server :). But something weird happened. After I manage to shut the fuckers mouths with a good come back, they went silent and weird shit started to happen.... During the game, my mouse lost it sensibility settings and my AK-47 is no longer a "one shot kill" like it should be. (Even at point blank, need more then one bullet to kill. While I use to one shot across the map with that thing). Have I been hacked ? Is there a way to fix this issue ? I can deal with the mouse adjustments. But why/how TF my AK-47 lost damage ??????????????????????? Help ? Cheers
  3. Tamsko

    Cheating player

    Hi, A player is using my screen name "LazyDragon" to do cheats with. IT IS NOT ME! I'm still not using that screen name and since the bullying I'm having with the COD4 community in general. "Anodize" should have dropped a record about him. (He said he would). READ: Plz! Don't reply if it's to say bs or insults again. Im here to cover my screen name. NOTHING ELSE.
  4. This was a game from a while ago. Didnt get to posting it but this guy is using cheats. I would look into the matter. Player : DrTachyon Desktop 2021.03.08 -
  5. Hey Net Jam Staff, This is Frim Fram/FRIMFRAM and I am requesting to have my ban lifted. I think I was drunk and saying how someone named colorsguy was like colored people or something? And then I changed my name like 10 times to stupid sayings and stuff I honestly barely remember but somethng about colored people?? I have no hate for anyone of any color or race or anything like that. I miss playing with you all :( Idk what else to say yall.... I just was having fun making fun of that guys name that's all. I wont do it again. I won't even bring up any type of people ever again. I legitly forget. But I think it was around Sunday 6am EST? or Sunday 3amEST? something like that. Anyhow I really miss Net-Jam and I am deeply sorry if I offended anyone. Please consider lifting my ban. I will discuss further if necessary but I seriously remember only bits and pieces as I was indeed inebriated. It was my first day off after working 8 consecutive days so I went a little to hard on the sauce if you know what I mean.... But seriuosly I don't think racist jokes are funny at all I actually hate that stuff. Thanks for reading! ALL LOVE!!!!!!!! PS.... I WILL SHUT UP AND STOP CHATTING AND CHANGING NAME >>>> ONLY NAME IS FRIMFRAM FROM NOW ON ;-) <<<<3333333 I'm from ZeroAlpha i'm sorry uwu FRIMFRAM 0813211703.mp4 odb-skrillz.mp3
  6. Gryphus didn't like my style of communication and has muted me in game play. Can admin undo this petty and vindictive action. The forum is here to talk about issues and concerns; players should be free to discuss no matter the difficulty. Blood Bath
  7. How much money do I have to donate to the server so admins do something about Sticky? Assisted play isn't part of the competition.
  8. Hello friends! I would like to make a request to you, it is about removing the prohibition to enter to play on your servers to members of the BW clan. I have recently joined this clan and I have been able to play with them on another server and I am sure they do not use hack. What gives me the assurance that these guys are honest is that they have a way of playing similar to my game, well actually they are very good players, much better than me, but they have a style similar to mine: they use sound a lot when playing, they try to react as quickly as they can, they are always attentive to the radar, they protect themselves from enemy fire (they try to stay hidden) and they use the penetration of the bullets. They have been playing for several years and know maps and weapons well. If necessary I can tell you to use the game's default settings (I always use these settings). Friends, I have been playing on their servers for years and I love them, I hope you can consider my request and admit my friends from the BW clan, I am sure they do not use hack. They are willing to obey the server's rules and to abide by any request made of them. They have also asked me to apologize if at any time a member of the clan did not behave properly. I will be very attentive to your response, thank you and many blessings.
  9. Signed on to play some cod4 and says ive been banned? Is this an accident or is there a reason why?
  10. I'm here to speak on behalf of the entire [BW] clan that has just been banned from the Net-Jam (Hardcore) Server. I was just informed by [BW]AndyDrew that he was just banned from the server, reason for ban; "BW". I believe it this is very unfair for just to ban everyone that was not even online at that moment, also, If it is because of "many complaints against the members" there is even proof on youtube with gameplays of BW members, showing that there isn't cheating. We've been playing on this server for many years now and been part of its community and out of nowhere this happens.
  11. GPNR

    Ban Unappealing

    I have watched wall hack after wall hack after wall hack after wall hack and your admins do NOTHING! People tracking you right through the wall like they I got banned for saying so/. I don't want back on, I only tried to get back to tell you to FUCK RIGHT OFF! Bunch of cheating hacks! Fuck you! PATHETIC!
  12. I was playing on the server and I only saw one person report me and less than an hour later I was banned. I was using: AK-47 (Silencer) Gold Desert Eagle Bandolier Stopping Power Steady Aim Frag/Flash x 1 I was not wallhacking and do not know any other reason I could have been banned for except for maybe my 200 ping?
  13. not if omelette is qualified to be Moderator ... man does not know differentiate convinations I deseguro who failed to differentiate convinacion of the RPD with the handle and stable marksmanship skill recoil want to see not see AKR-law uses the RPD with red dot sight ... Weapons use: M4 with silencer. skills: 1) Claymore 2) doubleclick 3) stable aim MP5 with silencer. skills: 1) shoulder 2) stopping power 3) stable aim RPD with handle. skills: 1) no 2) Titan 3) stable aim G3 with a silencer. skills: 1) RPG-7 2) doubleclick 3) stable aim M40A3. skills: 1) Claymore 2) Excess means (R700 with ACOG scope) 3) stable aim those are my arms and I hope this does not happen again recommend NJ-bigbadwolf to be moderator regards
  14. royjoy99

    unban apeal

    hey gry ive been missing the server and i want to be able to get back in with the crew of the NJA. even tho i thought it was an abuse of admin authority i definitely shouldn't have reacted and responded the way i did and for that i want to say sorry to you and all of NJA
  16. this is apollo ape or better know apollo padman was playing then said banned for tags? tried to log in again and it said appeal so i did that anyways plz let me join I'm only getting started and i love what u are doing at net jam a really good server love the community feel plz let me in
  17. Well i got banned for no reason on the hardore server, because grypheous, or something like that, got killed by me through a wall when i saw her proning then she goes to spectate mod and banned me betwen the next 1 minute, she just got mad and banned me for no reason or for getting mad? if only she got the entire video when i saw her proning then kill her
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