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  1. LuNaR

    pITbOY: WH

    Thanks petty. He is banned.
  2. I banned you for wallhack while you were playing under the name "IHACK".
  3. It's quite simple really. The shared connection you're using is banned. It sucks to get caught up in it, but it's what happens when you share a game / connection / vpn / software / whatever with someone and they get banned.
  4. LuNaR

    British Slut: WH

    Actually, the demo needs to be taken while you are spectating the player. Otherwise the only thing we see in the demo is what you're doing, not what they're doing. Try typing these couple of commands in console to improve networking. /snaps 30 /rate 25000 You would want to spectate them and then type this in the console /record name where "name" is replaced by whatever you want the filename to be. Then type /stoprecord to stop the recording. Best practice is to do a separate recording for each map. It's tedious and time consuming, but keeps us from issuing bans irresponsibly.
  5. This has been said numerous times before. We will not ban on a short clip like this unless it is solid proof of an egregious aimbot. Maybe. That being said, let's take a look at the evidence posted... Looks like a knee-jerk reaction more than an aimbot. If you watch it carefully, his aim jerked in that direction and that was it. Didn't actually stop on him. Didn't follow him. Wasn't even that good of aim. Maybe it could be a "soft aimbot", but there's nothing even remotely definitive. Sure, this 5 second clip looks incriminating at a glance, but we have no context. Not only is that a fairly common area to spray (there's spawns back there!), but was Nerdjitsu camping there? Was someone else camping there? He hip-fired... What's the big deal? ...Twice? Oh, no! He hip-fired twice! Swing the banhammer! I think we're done here unless you have some tangible, solid evidence in the form of a demo.
  6. If you really re-bought the game I'd check your source. You're still showing up as a cracked copy of the game.
  7. What part of this do you not comprehend? You can stop creating duplicate threads for the exact same issue.
  8. Already banned. Thanks Petty.
  9. You had multiple warnings and were kicked for being an ass. Then you just came back and continued to behave like an arrogant prick and harassing other players. Now you're wasting our time with duplicate threads...
  10. LuNaR

    Point Man ESP

    Use !report playername
  11. We appreciate the report, but the video isn't usable. Even if this was suspicious, we do not ban based off of a single 10 second clip of a killcam unless it is something egregious like an aimbot. We have strict protocols we follow because if we didn't then darn near every player would be banned for suspicious activity because they at some point or another got a lucky shot or killed someone through a wall. Watch closely. He's aiming slowly to the left to get the guy that's immediately in front of him. As he finishes off the guy he stands up (still moving his aim slightly to the left) while still firing which happens to get you in the background as your icon in killcam moves behind his iron sights. He didn't even change his aim to get there; you walked into it.
  12. Umm.... What? You were caught in crossfire...
  13. You have demonstrated that you do not respect the rules, that you are either incapable of or unwilling to read the reason for your ban, and that you'll continue crying "foul play"against a "clan" that you're supposedly no longer a part of. The ban stays and it is not up for debate. Goodbye. Locked.
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