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  1. That may explain the GUID change. I've lifted your ban.
  2. I'm open to writing this off as a simple misunderstanding. I am curious if you have anything to say about your GUID changing? I edited my last post to add it so you may have missed it.
  3. LuNaR

    pettybone killcam

    I can see how that's suspicious in the moment, but after watching it in slow-motion, it really looks like he was in a panic swinging his aim back and forth. He even continued to wave back to where you were a couple times after you were dead.
  4. Also want to point out it was over 20 minutes between when you tried to justify being able to see names through walls and when you finally stated that you don't see names through walls. Another thing I forgot to mention is your GUID changed between when you left to upload the video and when you re-joined. Could be coincidence but it really does lead me further to believing something doesn't quite add up.
  5. You seem to think that I banned you because I don't like you. While you are correct that I don't particularly like you, I do have standards and I'm pretty sure I've never banned or kicked anyone simply because I don't like them. I banned you because a statement you made implied that you could see names through walls and you tried to justify it when questioned. Allow me to add the missing pieces. The chatlog screenshot below reads bottom-to-top. You accused pettybone of snapping to 3 names through walls. However, that statement alone implies that you saw 3 names through walls. Picking up on the impossible, I asked you how you see names through walls and your response was "teammate names." Rather than correcting yourself you tried to justify it like it was normal. That really reads like you think it's normal to see names through walls. If you really thought that I was referring to pettybone why did you respond within seconds as if I was asking you? This just makes me more suspicious that you slipped up and now you're trying to cover it up as admin abuse. Your response with clips that you have recorded through whatever streaming/screen recording software aren't actually as clear-cut proof as you may think because, as I told you in game, "lots of streaming software hides cheats from the recording." Though a more accurate statement is that there are lots of ways to hide cheats from streaming software. Also, just to clear things up, you're not that special. If I see someone team stacking or advertising in game, they get the exact same treatment you do. I do admit though, I don't see everything that happens in the server and so sometimes people do get away with things.
  6. It's been over a year now and not only are you still dwelling on it, but you still can't pull your head out of your ass long enough to read the reasons you were banned, which were very clearly spelled out in your appeal. Dude you really are just adding more and more evidence to your clear and utter lack of brain cells. I'd advise quitting while you're so very far behind, but I doubt you even know what that means.
  7. As we can see here some people are so stupid that you cannot discuss, argue, reason, or even insult them because they simply can't comprehend anything that isn't already in their own empty abyss of a mind.
  8. Because I was like totally asking for your kinda like um permission, dude... But you know, clearly you don't want to play: You are right though. I've been a bit lazy about scraping the slimy scum off the floor of the server recently. It seems I let it collect additional grime and dust too long. It thinks its being clever and sneaky when really its just been ignored.
  9. Yes and I just extended it another 10 years because I had the displeasure of seeing the name in the forums.
  10. Wow those are some deep-rooted issues coming out. Are you okay? Should we call someone for you?
  11. For you? Not likely. I'll likely get a few more laughs though.
  12. I think you've made it clear that peace is not on the table.
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