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  1. LuNaR

    Hyperon Walls

    Furthermore the change in score you describing really means nothing. It's quite easy to have a good kill streak or two at the beginning of a match and then die several times in a row without getting any kills. Happens all the time, especially as spawns change and more people join a match.
  2. LuNaR

    Hyperon Walls

    This demo doesn't show anything. Regarding the first 2 kills: Kill 1: The first shot he took before the fight seemed more like an accident or maybe a kneejerk reaction to the footsteps sounds. He didn't even aim at the guy until he jumped around the corner. Plus at the start of the match on Backlot you're almost guaranteed to have a Marine coming from that door just to the right there. Kill 2: skyhigh had just killed him. Looks to me like he threw a stun and nade in the direction skyhigh was running right after he killed hyper.
  3. LuNaR


    Banned. Thanks
  4. LuNaR


    Banned. Thanks
  5. LuNaR


    Banned. Thanks
  6. You were banned by @FlamingPig for wallhack. He will respond to your appeal.
  7. Already banned. Thanks
  8. LuNaR

    efrq3r: WH

    Banned. Thanks
  9. LuNaR

    Kurok - aimbot

    Banned. Thanks
  10. LuNaR

    spite.tools Aim Bot

    Banned. Thanks.
  11. Your response to my warning was to whine. I reviewed your chat log and pretty much the only thing you do in the server is spew anger at people. Based on your behavior, response, and history I banned you. Then you tried to claim that it was "gaming banter". Gaming banter is generally somewhat tasteful and two-way. Your behavior is pure rage and aggression. I'll reduce it to a 24-hour ban, but you must tone it down a lot.
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