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  1. Sorry for the very delayed response. I've fixed the problem.
  2. I banned you for harassing other players. As far as I'm concerned the ban stays.
  3. Thanks for the demo. I banned him while he was on earlier.
  4. Server is in California. If the problem is intermittent, it's almost certainly an issue with your WiFi. If you have someone downloading anything, or streaming, etc. via your WiFi it can cause lag.
  5. There was another issue that I have since resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. In this case, there is no temp ban duration... It's 0. Even for subsequent kicks.
  7. Plague, The auto-warning system was auto-kicking you with the 0-minute temp ban. Warnings do not reset immediately after an auto-kick, so repeated infractions may result in another auto-kick.
  8. You got caught in another ban coincidentally. You're unbanned now; sorry bout that.
  9. Every Friday at 7pm pacific. You should definitely join!
  10. LuNaR

    12345 aimbot.

    Banned! Thanks for the report, Quiet!
  11. Thanks everyone for joining fight night last night! @Gryphus_1@Cyph3r@Boards@grave00@freedomwaffle @TurboX@ScareCrow@qcstealth@Cow@DZPRain @arce @Rice@ZoTe@whippr@Tootnoots@FLACOBLANCO@mustardgas
  12. LuNaR

    Ban appeal

    You're not actually banned yet. I would recommend cleaning up your act though. I don't appreciate the racism or harassment that you've been spewing recently.
  13. LuNaR

    Fight Night

    Grab a drink and hop in Teamspeak and battle it out with us every Friday Night at 7:00pm PST. We'll be running custom game modes such as Gungame, Goomba Stomping, Prop Hunt, and more... This will all take place in the NET-JAM.com (GUNGAME) CoD4 server located at
  14. Is complaining now an option?
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