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I'm purposing one or both of these maps be put back in the rotation.

I know many of you dislike these maps because of the typical stalemates that occur. I feel that is exactly what's missing from the current rotation, the drawn out blood bath that is these maps.

I find Bloc particularly fun because of all the close-quarters room to room combat. But that's my personal preference.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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I dont mind either of these maps as long as it's not pistol and or knives only because they are too low ping biased when played in that manner.... and we also kick far too many players who come on, don't realise what's going on and get kicked immediately...

Ps. This should have been in the admin forum Gryph....
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Bog is actually my favourite map and once (not on your server) I got a score of 1288. I think it was 137 kills and 26 deaths.

I understand that alot of people don't like it cos it's a fairly small map that seems to be heavily in favour of marines and if they start getting a few airstrikes behind the bus it can seriously wreck OpFor's shit up and just becomes not fun for them atall, cue the votespamming for next map.

I like bog cos it's not really sniper friendly and offers two nicely contrasting flanks with the no-mans land in the middle. With a more basic map like this it means you really have to be skillful to outflank the enemy using every piece of cover you can find. With your 23 slot maximum I'd say that's low enough to make it a good game, not too crowded.

Bloc....meh. I'm not really a fan but I'd welcome it into the rotation. Apart from the fact that it is probably the ugliest of all the maps it just...I dunno, it doesn't really "work" as a map. I like to mix it up by grabbing an LMG and spamming the beJesus out of the opposite building. It can be tedious to get through but I would say stick it in cos the more maps the better.

Infact even shipment and killhouse can be fun in a fubar kinda way and when there's alot of players it's useful for levelling up your weapons/achievements and it's a fun change from the bigger, more tactical maps.

So, in conclusion I say yes to both and more!

EDIT: P.S. Does anyone else really hate chinatown? I honestly don't know why it irritates me so much but when I see it's next up I just sigh. Might be cos there are just so many ways to get outflanked.
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Oh well, I tried. Looks like Bog is still most hated.

Can I request that someone post up a current map rotation list for the server together with any map specific rules. i.e no nades for wetwork etc.

Just so's we know when we join where we are in the rotation and what maps are comming up. I know it's a bit anal but sometimes I like to tweak my classes for specific maps.
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We had Bloc in like 6 months ago and it was a total campfest.

I do really enjoy Bog tho. It seperates the people who get lucky and the people with real skill, except when it becomes a nade spamming fest. But with no nades it's a great map and requires people to actually aim their guns. What a concept.
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Either could be good and bad for their own reasons.

Bloc turns into a campfest, but is a larger map that allows for more movement and strategy.

Bog turns into a rapefest, but it is an open map that is harder to camp in..

Maybe put both in the rotation, one after the other to make up for the lack the other has? Their strengths and weaknesses seem to be opposite one another.


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I think we need at least 2 new maps in the rotation!
For me it is getting a little bit boring to play the sama maps again and again!
We havent got new maps for a long time!

Bloc and Downpour are the both maps i would add to the rotation.

BUT we could also add some new game types for some days to test them.....

What about S&D so the good players can test their tactic skills!
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I see Bloc and Bog as tactical stalemates; whoever has the better tactics wins, plain and simple. Downpour is a battle of attrition. Good for small S&D matches, but nothing else in my opinion.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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