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  1. Still alive but it could be netter!
  2. i am still here....
  3. And now he is 12 years old and got a 7 years old brother....
  4. EmpressNinja wrote:The part of your soul that shall be sacrificed. Fire? Or C4? You may join us in virtual slaughter, brother EmpBOTH°!!!!
  5. Gryphus_1 wrote:International shipping doesn't cost an arm and a leg anymore, just a toe. Enjoy your Oreos lol. G1 So i should have better have asked u cause i have paid 18€ for 1 package.... ist about: 20 $....
  6. i was looking for the halloween oreos for my son but i got them over amazon but i closed my eyes while ordering, doesnt want too see the price...
  7. Ì need something from the staates! It must be shipped to germany! Who can help me!
  8. I didnt forgot u all! But my life got more hurly-burly! A second son is coming at the 29th ov Nov! I miss ya all so i will come back! Soon i hope! Greetings from GERMANY!!!!
  9. Wabaki

    maps selection

  10. [quote=★ Panties [❤]"]Anubis wrote:Ex tubesawh look at jon and his cute gf![/quote] This is his girl cousin ;-)
  11. Wabaki

    Clan Wars

    Don't be so harsh Steve! What he wanted to tell: the other team was upset cause they were dying like ducks during the huntig season...
  12. Wabaki

    Clan Wars

    We are not a clan so...
  13. lmao Next time i will watch ya Fierce
  14. Nice done Hamster! But his recoil is ok. A short bust i disabling the recol and when a gun has not a heavy recoil it looks like the player havent a recoil. But as the other NJA told ya use the ingame record option. The vides are better to recognize if....
  15. Wabaki


    NJA-Steve-O wrote: ps. You were almost my 1,500th post Poser ;-)
  16. Wabaki

    Hi guys

    Miss ya Kit Cat! Come back!
  17. SAC in A-Team? ok i wanna join the bench warmer Team
  18. Wabaki

    @ s.e.b.o.l

    U should be unbaned now! Sry for the ban is was by a mistake! Tell if u are still banned and u will be unbanned as soon as possible!
  19. He was alone with guys if must have been gay porn!
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