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Greetings from the Company

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A couple of us joined your server a while back.
Just thought i would thank you for the hospitality and the fast action on the hackers.
As well as complimenting on the awesome fast paced server you guys have.

most of us have logged 1000`s of hours into this game, we usually split up and keep the teams balanced.
If you have any questions or concerns feel free to send me a message.

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Well the truth is...
There may be some stragglers, Time-zones and all, some people are always lagging behind.

Then there also are some honorary Company members
Sporting tags of :


All of those are awesome individuals committed to creating a fun and fair gaming environment.

Quick shout out to those who have taken shelter here a while ago.
Flaming Pig & Pengwin <3 being the most fun guys to play with...
This ends the service announcement, regular broadcasting can resume now.
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Yes, the helicopters are weak. I am not sure who Veezy is though so i cannot attest to whether or not they are as weak as her.

WHOA WAIT, Pengwin , you guys know pengwin!???? I miss that guy so much! I dont know where you are brother but i hope you are making it rain!
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