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  1. Ok, so I have a friend that was playing on this server all but 12 minutes, then someone logs on and tries to mimic her name. To me, it seemed like a form of disrespect. You can see in the attached screeny that my friend sent me to show you, that she was having a decent roll and then out of nowhere, this person show up named, "Crootie(Jpn)". The likenesses are too close to be a coincidence and I feel that this was on purpose. I just wish we could live in a world where we all are very nice to each other from at least 6 feet away. Just Sayi...er..typin'. -Deez
  2. BAck sorry I didn;t mean half of .......... . I like the part where we all hold hands You're very much a famkly to me and I am not trynig to pressue the hand-holding. Please don;t allow me to make this awkward o.O
  3. Bacjk sorry, merry Christamas I m a sorry and I love you very much. I can;t forgive me but I know Iove you. Thank you for being you on THIS and EVERY day. WOW i feel stupid. I'm sorry about me. Thank you for being you.
  4. So lame merry blah blah blah humnbug! How about trying to get good at life and then you;ll know who cares. Who actually cares.
  5. Sweet, thanks. Very helpful! You're the tops!
  6. I know that I am random and barley malted milk bails, but should this be read....read or read....That's two words that mouf type different breathes... What I meant to type was please net me know the ip of the net-jam video game screen on my heart with the main page if that is ok I mean no offense and I am sorry. I had some 11 and 12 year olds using my computer today and I know they are the future, but they somehow deleted my faves. Of course I know how to get here, but would be even kooler if ip was front page, so I could maintain my perfect score. *Zero Killz)
  7. So I get in there and my mic is muted. Thank the admins for being SO superficsious. THEN I realize that all I had to do was click, "un-mute". Sorry for saying bad things you couldn't hear admins!
  8. I subscribed to this site hoping to eliminate my satellite television and save some money each month, but I am not getting the same quality I was with Dish Network. All of my friends raved about this site, but I have yet to be able to access the same quality level as they have described. I was looking forward to catching up on some old movies and watching some Net-Jam originals I have heard good things about, such as House of Cards and Haters Back Off. However, not only are there no new releases, the only programming I have found are videos about video game hackers and 3 second gifs. Do I need to unblock my cookies or something to access all of the content??
  9. It aion;t ez being vz **( sho nuff gol dern rama lama dali famma, so be it, gol dern I love him so mu hu hu hu ch *( ( ( ( (
  10. First box with a gold skin and purple coins.
  11. Veezy quit upon seeing all these treasures I dugged up. Don't he know I'd share? mmmmmmmmmm.......so much $$$
  12. Mixed feelings, but I'd still like to try it. Maybe if I play from their perspective, all the blood will stop going to my head. I have to get over it sometime anyway. I hear there are thongs throngs of them.
  13. Just got it. Looks really shiny! Can't wait to apply it!
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