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Once again Banned for using the Gay word too much

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Yes, As usual on certain maps people open with glitched out wall shots etc so I say "damn this map is gay" Then player Mal says "I've decided you are not a nice person" who happens to be the one ruining everybody in the game. I said "enjoy it I'll beat your gay ass soon enough" I am one honest suM bitch and you people are really sensitive to language. Mod who banned me was hidden said 0. I wonder how many of you have ever cursed in real combat. it's quite natural. :) This ban had 0 minutes but I couldn't get back on. So please un ban me and I have now learned yet a new word that is unforgiveable here, yey! :)
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Hi Marlon,

I witnessed your outbursts first hand yesterday and was not impressed, please make an extra effort to keep such comments to yourself. We do not tolerate abuse of players here.

To clear a few things up, you were not banned by an admin, you were banned automatically after the server detected you using unacceptable language. Your temporary ban was the result of you not heeding any of the three warnings that were sent your way by the system.

Azn, we agree with you on the banning when incognito front, so we don't do it. This was an automatic boot.

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We have said it before and I will say it again. IF YOU ARE NOT THE BANNING ADMIN STAY OUT OF THIS FORUMS! This forum is only for the banned person and the banning admin. ONLY SNJA are allowed to interfere if they see a need. As I do right now.

Marlon, as a former US Navy vet, I know what it is to have a potty mouth, this however is now excuse of your continued actions inside of our server. Our server is advertise as a family server and it must be respected as such. If you decided to come in and play in our server, you must abide by our rules! Furthermore, these are not for anyone to pick and choose as they please. If you feel like they are unfair or you don't like them, you are free to roam to another more adult setting. However, our rules are non-negotiable. Ban lifted for now. However, if I see this kind of behavior continue. I will not hesitate to ban you again myself. Are we clear/good?

Gryph, please lock this thread after Marlon confirms he can get back in.
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