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Pushing Buttons

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Have you guys ever wondered what your fingers looked like when playing COD? I did, so I recorded myself. What are your controls? Mine are down below

My COD controls are
Q- Use, Pick up another weapon, skip killcam
W- Forward
A- Left
S- Back
D- Right
F- Toggle Prone
E- Switch Weapons
C- Go to Crouch
Alt- TeamSpeak PTT
X- Night Vision
Z- TeamChat
G- Grenade
4- Special Grenade
6- Air Support
Scroll Down, which I guess is Wheel Up- Reload
Left Mouse- Attack
Right Mouse- Toggle Aim Down Sight
Space- Jump
Shift- Sprint/Steady Sniper Rifle
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I just watched someone pushing buttons on a keyboard for almost 2 minutes.

What am I doing with my life.

I use almost all default buttons for my controls, with a few exceptions.
WASD - movement
Q/E - lean
R - reload
T - allchat
Y - teamchat
F - Knife
G - grenade
Z - go to prone
Ctrl - crouch
C - toggle crouch
V - toggle aim
1/2 - switch weapon
4 - stun/flash/smoke grenade
6 - UAV/airstrike/helicopter
Space - jump
Left click - shoot
Right click - aim down sight
Mouse button 5 (side mouse button, I use a Razer DeathAdder mouse) - Push to Talk
Alt - Use/pick up weapon
Shift - Sprint/Steady weapon
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Giz please post yours. Btw gryph thank you for posting that. You just talked me out of getting something similar, way too few keys.

Alt - change stance
Ctrl - Teamspeak push to talk
F - Use
Lower forward thumb button - frag grenade
middle click - special grenade
lower back thumb button / V - knife
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q - weapon quick switch
e - use
r - reload
t - tactical grenade (RIGHT ABOVE G, IT MAKES SENSE)
g - grenade

z / c - lean left/right (let's me strafe by changing fingers as well as crouch at the same time)
x - go to prone
control - toggle crouch

thumb button mouse - knife (f alternate)

aim down sights toggled, right mouse.

I don't know why i don't bind center mouse button to do anything.... habit from when I had the original mighty mouse i suppose. Any suggestions?
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My center mouse, which I'm assuming is the scrolly thing, when you click, is knife. I like it because it's right there and I don't have to reach over to any other buttons when I see someone close to me I can just click it in an instant. and yeah, Ele, I think he was camping or something haha
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I would do one of these but there is generally a lot of frustration when getting killed... Maybe some swearing :p ... I have a frantic play style though, so it's a lot faster paced than if I am sniping...


“We impose order on the chaos of organic evolution. You exist because we allow it, and you will end because we demand it.” - Sovereign Mass Effect

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I started using this config when Quake 2 first came out many eons ago.

Left mouse Fire
Right mouse Move forward
Mouse button 4 Switch weapon
Space bar Knife
W lean left
E lean right
R Reload
T Grenade
A Jump
S Strafe Left
D Move back
F Strafe Right
G Flash
Z Crouch
X Toggle Zoom
V Use
B Teamspeak
CTRL Prone
6 UAV/Air Strike/Helo
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