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  1. I'm only commenting because he said he would unfriend me on FB if I didn't.
  2. Xeno and I haven't played in a while due to our conflicting schedules, but I assume that he is probably still retarded.
  3. Hello, my name is Alluzion. I joined Net-Jam a while ago. You may remember me from my love of leaf blowers, or my personality. Either or is fine with me. I have recently found myself playing Call of Duty lately, and I might stop by in the server a few times just to hang out. Anyways, hi again!
  4. I can't believe this forum is still alive.
  5. Alluzion


    I see nothing wrong with my phrasing. Their voices give me eargasms.
  6. Alluzion


    The last time I played with Xeno he wasn't that bad. I believe I still fragged above him though Gryph, the last time I played with you, I'm pretty sure you may have killed me once or twice... so I'll definitely be using a different account. Also, I miss hearing salad and wabdin's voice.
  7. Alluzion


    I'll have the 1/3 cookies that aren't burnt. Also, thanks Gryphus? I'm not sure if you skimped because you didn't care enough or deep down you knew I was still alive. I'll go with the second one! Hi Boards, Empress, Crush, and Nasty
  8. Haven't actually viewed it yet, but *thanks you later*
  9. Awesome. I'm a Silver scrub. Stuck at Elite, but should be getting SEM soon.
  10. I bet Fruits is jealous
  11. I went out to my dock today and found these. No more stabbing for you, Gryphus. You've been declawed.
  12. Congrats on your promotion Boards & Fruits! You guys have definitely earned it.
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