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What are you listening to right now?

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Sweet violin, plus i really liked the second song!
lol I bet. Thanks for sharing Kovic!

Here are a couple I've enjoyed listening too lately.

The violin/piano is awesome!
This song is probably my favorite off his new album.
And here is an old favorite!

-DoDo out

DoDo out

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Maybe one of the most famous songs written by Paul Kelly & Kev Carmody, but this is an interesting cover.

"Written in the 1980s it tells the inspiring story of the Gurindji people's struggle for equality and land rights after their 'walk off' at the Wave Hill property in 1966."

~ salad(s)

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- the below script should be read while listening to Fruits' video from above -

Open on a spacious bar, a hotel high in an exclusive area of Tokyo. A five piece jazz band plays a mellow toned track called Solitude.
The camera moves from a close up of piano keys, and swings around the room to reveal a lone figure at the bar. He cuts a gloomy silhouette, and is nursing an empty drink. The camera moves through a crowd of suits and dinner dresses, mostly expensive ones.

Salad, a slender, mostly green, non-gender specific being, approaches cautiously, but with style, as he cuts a path through the party.

Cut to a two shot from behind the bar framing Fruits and salad amongst the intimate Tokyo sky line.

salad: Hey pal.

Fruits: (clearly intoxicated) woah hey der (hiccup) zalad.

salad: You still down about your new ping hey buddy?

Cut to Close Up of Fruits.

Fruits: (hiccup) yes yes.

Cut to Close up of Salad's fingers on Fruits' shoulder, camera pans up to salad.

salad: Lemme get you another one of those apple martinis, looks like you could use it.

Salad uses his long dextrous index to pick out the left over garnish from the the empty martini glass, and caresses the piece of twirly cork screw apple, before it awkwardly flops out onto Fruits' rolex.

Fruits picks up the sweet garnish and starts chewing. Cut to close up of salad, who looks awkward about the apple incident, and wonders if Fruits noticed the awkwardness.

Fruits: I handed my badge into Gryph this morning.

Salad: that's too bad pal

Fruits: but I'm keeping the gun! yes yes...(hiccup)

~ salad(s)

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For Boards and Destroyer, here's the song I was talking about.

For everyone else, I think the line "there's six of us babe, so suck on my d***" should be the slogan of the six current moderators.

I only mentioned lube like one time

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