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NetJamConnect.app BETA for OSX

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Hi peeps.

So, as I worked on a project with a deadline rapidly approaching I thought to myself, as any self-respecting slacker would: let's play some COD. Now, as I contemplated partaking in this vice of mine, I couldn't help but lament the arduous process of actually connecting to Net-jam's server. Launch the app, go to servers, favorites, sometimes a refresh of the list is needed. Ugh. If I'm going to procrastinate, I might as well procrastinate efficiently, right? So, in about ten minutes I whipped up a shell script wrapped in an app package to launch cod4 multiplayer and connect to Net-jam in one fell swoop.

Then, I thought to myself - all the best players on Net-jam also use OS X. I could help them.

Dealing with the contingencies of different potential operating environments and COD versions, I whipped up a more robust version with some semblance of error handling. Over an hour and a half later, here we are: NetJamConnectBeta.app. Steam versions of the game, while handled, can't actually launch into the server as of yet. The steam version of the game is crippled in that regard, but I have an idea for how to surmount this obstacle and might make it work in the future.



The artwork and icon are courtesy of our Fearless Leader, Gryphus Underscore One.

Please let me know any errors you run into here :)
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I changed it a little - if anyone was getting the error "The action “Display Notification” could not be loaded because it could not be located." ....re-dwonload the app and replace the previous version...it's fixed now.Thanks to Cypher for trying it on his system for me.
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Terror, I'm so proud and mortified all at the same time!

It's like you took a BMW/Mercedes/Tesla/Audi, placed plywood on the seats and covered them with cotton t-shirts, then made the rest of the interior over to look something like this: 456000.jpg. Oh, and then you peed in the gas tank. :)

Or better analogy, stripped out all the niceties of the interior to make it track-ready (e.g. traditional gaming-ready (compatible)).

Haha, I'll look into it when I have a chance terror!
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