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Happy Birthday Gryphus

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Usually I'd take this opportunity to crack several bad 'jokes' about how your kill/death ratio has sky-rocketed this past year to a much improved 0.8, or how there has been a notable spike in server traffic whenever players see your name in the server and look to polish up their stats.

However, while all our years here at Net Jam are different - what with fresh faces and new challenges - there's no doubt that this year saw a lot of changes, and there's no question it would have been damn nigh impossible to get to where we are now without a certain someone at the helm.

The website looks stunning, the server is in great shape and serious steps have been taken to widen and strengthen our community here at NJ.

So for all this, Ruthless Gryph, we thank you ;-)

In all seriousness, the work you put in never goes unnoticed, and I think today is an apt time to formally recognise what a great job you've done since taking over the reigns. We've got a great group here, and to oversee that speaks volumes to you character and leadership.

Happy Birthday Buddy and have a great weekend - I think you deserve a day off.

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A Very Happy Birthday to you Gryphus! As Wab has covered the compliments so well, I must second the statement. Thank you for all your hard work and excellent guidance. Have a great year ahead. Best wishes from Canadia!


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