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Favorite Candy

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Hardcore candy, not for the feint of heart. It is born and raised in Mexico, and has all the kick to prove it.

The one in the center is shaped like an ear of corn but mango flavored (weird, i know) the on to its 2 o'clock is shaped and flavored like a watermelon.

Oh, I hear what you all are asking "But mini, why is a mango and watermelon lollipop so hardcore? They sound quite delightful to me."

and so I answer with this


BOOM! all that very unappetizing brown powder that is caked on the son-of-a-gun is straight chili powder. extremely spicy if handled by the wrong user, and I have witnessed more than a few people kneel in tears in the presence of this mighty lolli.

In my opinion, I love EVERY part of this glorious sucker, but if you can't bite into a jalapeno without begging for a glass of milk, stay away...
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