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  1. My political standing really dosnt matter. Lets not try to sidetrack the conversation away from you being a dick.
  2. Oh im far to busy at diablo 3 atm. Just seems like a real dick move to temp ban when someone disagrees with you. Id love to explain it further, but im pretty sure wasupfoo wouldnt like my "tone" or choice of wording. But it would be very effective at getting the message across. Wasupfoo feel free to pm me if you want my full opinion.
  3. wassupfoo wrote:Temp banned until 6/1/12. If you wish to be treated nice, wouldnt the best option be to treat others in the same way? Everyones equal in my eyes, except elitists. They prove themselves to be lesser beings.
  4. wassupfoo wrote:And yet you continue to throw insults. Lolwut? If I wanted to insult you, you'd definitly know it was an insult. Making a statement that all admin are infallible is always going to be false. Human error, its unavoidable. So take it as no insult.
  5. Fierce wrote:I've been padding myself up here for the past few weeks, ask Wabdin, LOL. Hahahahaha Well if I can drag myself away from D3, or blizzard decides to yet again (4 days in a row) take the servers down for 5 hours during peak time in Aus then ill gladly do so
  6. @wassupfool my experiences with certain admin seem to contradict your post. I dont mean Sev, I understand where hes coming from. I just found it a bit weird that they didnt look up my account to see if I have played here before. @Fierce I have two rankings Maybe I should knock you off your perch with one and then use the other XD (providing i can get around your ping.)
  7. running speed is always the same, so if you know where they are headed at one point, providing they dont change direction or stop they will always be at a determinable spot. Im sure you could explain it all with vectors.
  8. Sev I dont only use line of sight to determine where to shoot. I use sound, light, uavs, knowledge of layout, random chance, trial and error and even deaths of enemies. Which is how I got my rank in the server.
  9. God.


    So the dark ages have ended and God. has returned. Ill have to say after playing alot of Bf3 on my new build (that wasnt cheap) cod4 looks quite dated. But Diablo 3 has a few days till release so Ill probably be on the server from now. (d3 seems to be pretty good from the beta I tried) Its not hacks its divine intervention (or just logic) I do miss how in cod4 you can shoot through almost any wall. In bf3 the bullets seem to be made of paper, with some exceptions for wooden destructable scenery and corrigated iron fences. Current build: >i7-2600k >asrock extreme 4 gen 3 >64gb SSD >GTX 580 >SG 1TB HDD >8GB Kingston RAM >Antect 920 H2O >Win7 ultimate (installed on the SSD, im not that silly ) Bit of overkill for cod4, but it plays everything real smooth.
  10. AMD used to be good. But now they are lacking, seemingly living off their once earned respect. Nice rig but too much lights for my liking. after Im finished with BF3 I might come give you guys a visit.
  11. Does a set that contains all sets contain itself?
  12. Reeces pieces are in australia. Not everywhere, but I know of 10+ stores that sell them.
  13. Not many people use the slug rounds for shotguns because they arnt as powerful as buckshot up close, and have no splash damage as frag rounds. But, I have found they are really good for medium to long range. Not really on the automatic shotguns, but from saigas to mc870s its quite effective. Got a 350m headshot with a dao12 using one. Needless to say that person raged and complained, before i mentioned it was a slug round. Try it. (3 more guns to unlock all weapon attachments.) And candy is related to cod4?
  14. Bf3 runs pretty smoothly on my new build: i7-2600k AsRock extreme 4 gen 3 corsair hx750 antect h20 920 Gigabyte gtx580 kingston 8gb ram (2x 4gb sticks) m4 crucial SSD drive (where OS and bf3 are installed) 1tb hdd antec p180 case with some noctura fans.
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