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Battlefield 3 Names and Handles

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Well I enjoy playing it. The combat is fluid but definitely different from CoD imo. This is the first Battlefield game I've played and I have no regrets buying this game. I like the fact there is is bullet drop in the game so you have to time shots better and just have a different style of play. Many differences between the two, but I would say get it, to me its worth it especially if you play with people you know.
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I dont like how the squad arnt as vital as in bf2, also theres no mic chat in squads. Or commanders for that matter, seemed to give everyone direction.

But the soflams + javs are a good idea.

-26 hours playtime in 4 days, 500,000 global score. Lordzimzam
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Bf3 runs pretty smoothly on my new build:
AsRock extreme 4 gen 3
corsair hx750
antect h20 920
Gigabyte gtx580
kingston 8gb ram (2x 4gb sticks)
m4 crucial SSD drive (where OS and bf3 are installed)
1tb hdd
antec p180 case :d
with some noctura fans.
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