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A part of why my hometown is so great... *cough*sarcasm*cough*

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This excitement started early in the afternoon and continued through a really hard lightning storm in the early evening. The storm was so bad I ended up moving cars around and clearing around outside for fear that it was going to snap some of our trees because they were creaking so loud.
The first three pictures are of one fire about half a mile down the road behind my house, and the rest are of a fire about a half a mile down the hill in a canyon in front of my house... There was another fire in the area, but it was 6-10miles away so it didn't matter. I tried to get some pictures and video of the lightning but every time I tried it either didn't strike for 10 minutes or it started raining on me. It was pretty epic!


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Nice pics! Next time you commit arson don't take photos for evidence!!! ;) (just kidding, to make that clear :p)

It gets pretty gnarly windy over in Rialto too, all the hot air from the high desert is funneled down through the cajon pass and meets the colder air in the valley. When it gets real bad the trees can be uprooted pretty easily. I remember one day we were getting some serious wind gusts I saw no less than 13 or 14 trees uprooted on the 8 mile drive from my pad there to my place in Riverside... I even managed to snap a photo of one of my neighbors who weren't quite so fortunate to clear the area (the area being their driveway) around this particular tree:

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