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Hello, I'm Lanto who plays COD4.


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I got banned while playing COD4 on the NET-JAM server.

There was no notice of any reason. All you wanted to do was appeal to NET-JAM.

I do not do any kind of cheating.

I like FPS games and have pretty good skills. That doesn't mean I'm a professional though.

It plays based on UAVs, the sounds of other nearby players walking and running, dying, and killcams when you get killed.

I played the game within the rules set within the server, but I don't know why I got banned.

I hope you resolve the unfair treatment I experienced, and this should not happen again in the future.

I hope you reply as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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Hello Lanto, I was the one who banned you because I think you used wall hack. Your ban expired a few days ago.

Before you were banned, I watch you several time but never found anything fishy until the one game lead me to a ban.

You were staring a bit too much into walls a few time. Predicted and pre-aim where enemies come from really well without UAV and enemy running counter UAV. More noticeable towards the end of demo. Could be just pure continue luck, or not.

What do other admins think?


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I rather think this demo video is proof that I didn't cheat.

When it looks like I'm standing still and looking at the wall, I'm not looking at the wall, but I'm looking at the entire map by pressing the TAP or ESC key.

If you look at the entire map, you can roughly tell which area the fight is taking place.

As you can see in the video, people pass by me and get killed by me, or on the contrary, I get killed.

If I cheated, this wouldn't happen.

In the video, there is a scene where I kill an enemy going up the stairs while camping.

It wasn't because I saw the enemy, but because he was approaching me around me.

I don't know why I should be questioned like this just because I die less and kill more enemies.

Should I just go around and get killed? Then there won't be any suspicion.

However, I have been playing COD4 for quite some time and have some level of skill.

Rather, I criticize people who use aiming hacks, tracking, and wall hacks during games.

I wonder why I am treated equally with them.

I hope that many people will watch this video posted here and make an appropriate decision.

Thank you.

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I have lifted your ban. The recording didn't appear to have anything conclusive. Having said that, your attitude in the ban appeal leaves a bit to be desired. We don't care how long you play or whether you "have some level of skill". If there is evidence of any player using unfair advantages through cheats, we will ban them. Just because you call other players out for cheating, doesn't mean that you are immune.

Play on.


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I'm glad the ban has been lifted.

I apologize for my somewhat unfavorable attitude.

I would appreciate it if you thought of what I wrote above not as an attempt to boast, but as a protest to the best of my ability.

Because there was nothing I could do other than actively appeal...

As time goes by, we get older, start working, and have less and less time to play games. I can't even try new games.

Playing COD4 on NET-JAM is a pleasure for me.

I am satisfied that it was resolved amicably, and thank you once again for lifting the ban.

I absolutely hate cheating and will not engage in such behavior at any time.

(I don't know how to hack in the first place... bitter smile)

I'll be busy again starting next week so I don't think I'll have much time to play games, but let's meet up and have fun on the server. :)

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