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  1. FlamingPig

    JCxx Banned

    I banned you, because I believed you were WH. However, now that I have look at the demo carefully, I believe I may have judge you too soon. I now think that I have made a mistake and would like to apologize for my shit ass job. edit: Ban lifted demo0047.dm_1
  2. Same, I watch them several time, didnt find anything sus.
  3. I was playing during the time and spec Live. Highly WH sus. I didnt gather enough evidence during my spec to ban. Think he may have toggle on and off. Also, I dont know how to view the attach file, but I'm sure other admins can.
  4. oh bad deagle, what did you do?!
  5. I suspect him myself, but like Fuzzy mention, he's been reported and have been screen many time by admins here. I trust my fellow admins judgement here to not bother being suspicious of him and just have fun shooting.
  6. sorry Monkey! Gryph said he already un ban u.
  7. There were a hacker that I couldnt ban permenantly, keeps on coming back within seconds after ban. Then later it led to banning at least 2 regular players randomly. I appoligize. Boltmonkey, and someone else I forgot.
  8. There was an aimbot using the same sn as mine. Dont know who did the ban, but Rattle was there. But if it was Rattle, wrong dude man! XD
  9. Gryph haha, oh elephant Azn, man, some exotic place u went! Show us some stuff from there!
  10. And more warm welcome, yay =D Elephant are cool, or gay You are are a tree with without roots, Ruthless Azn, you are cool! XD
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