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  1. I for one love how fair and just our admins are on banning. Something I'm super proud of to be a part of. There's this one player (i will not name) that lots of players dislike, including many admins/mods because of his dirty tactics: spawn camp/kill with rpd. Many, many players accuse him hacks. Many players, including our very own admin sus and reported/record demo of him. I and 2 other admins watch 1 of the demo over and over and debated if he's hacking. The demo looks very fishy. After 30 mins of debating, we concluded there wasnt enough evidence that he was hacking. Even though we all dislike the player, and I personally wanted to find reason to remove him, we didnt ban him. I mean who the hell spend 30 mins to review demos to be fair and just. I mean, we all have fucking jobs to do, kids to feed and beat up you know. Anyhow, why the hell did I even write this.
  2. I for one like you as a player, enjoy your present on the server and think you are a net positive to server. Also, I'm one of the guilty one of renaming you to Ass and Arse (I think, XD, my memory is shit) just for giggles, no harm meant. I hope whatever problem between you and the admin/s could resolve. I believe our admins is very, very fair, cool, and just.
  3. Thanks for reporting. It is the same hacker that has many account. Unfortunately, the most we can do is keep on banning until they run out of accounts. When you see a banned, repeated offender = use our report.
  4. thanks for reporting, looks like past offender, banned reinstated
  5. banned, thanks for reporting
  6. yup, first 3 shot gave it away, thanks for reporting, banned
  7. yup, looks like WH all right Also repeated offender, banned
  8. At first I thought just a spray and pray wall banger, but yeah, several sus shot later looks like tracking. Rewatch 2 times later, yup it's tracking WH Thanks for the report, banned
  9. Thanks, repeated offender, with many accounts? not sure... anyhow, banned. Will ban when see them again
  10. Hi, I was the one who banned you. You played on a cracked key and I have banned someone on that same key and IP for wallhack. That turn on the alarm immediately when I saw you. I spec you and saw several suspected pre aim and kills. For one instance, you were playing with Full Bright but somehow spotted a lay down, camouflage enemy on dead grass hill half way through the map. Another pre aim over car then enemy pop up. Shot through wall kills However, after carefully reviewing the demo, some of the suspected kills are not so suspected after thoroughly analyzed. edit: ban lifted deviligay.dm_1
  11. finally found them and Banned this noob admin just became a little more experienced
  12. I tried to look for the name garren22, but nothing came up. Perhaps other more experience admin can help out
  13. yes, WH + AB thanks for posting edit: Banned
  14. Yup def WH and I think aim assist too? Thanks for the demo and report. Too bad this noob admin doesnt know how to search name to ban, perhaps other admin can help out.
  15. thanks for report and demo Banned
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