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My gratitude.

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 Hello, I would just like to make a quick post thanking your clan and admins for doing a good job with handling the server and its community. Ever since I've started playing back in 2009 I would get banned from quite a lot of servers filled with idiotic power hungry admins.

Your system with regards to dealing with cheaters/hackers/rulebreakers works very well and I commend whoever/s came up with it. I was playing a week or two ago and I saw some h4x members talking amongst themselves and updating each other with their own clan servers and so naturally, I felt curious and screenshotted their server IP in order to play there sometime. 

I ended up getting kicked and temp-banned over 4 - 8 times in the span of a week just playing there and that is the reason why I decided to make this post. Unlike the h4x clan, your admins follow a very thorough and fair procedure. I have committed my fair share of toxic comments when playing in your servers over the past few months yet not once have I ever been warned, kicked, or temp-banned. (Not that I'm asking to be.)

The admins of the h4x clan remind me of those many admins in many clans back in the day who just instantly went for the ban-hammer. With nothing but their ego, pride and clear lack of experience (both game-wise and cheat-spotting) they end up kicking anyone who's even remotely good. It's no wonder their server is almost always empty - they only have themselves to blame for that situation.

Keep up the good work, I love this game just as much as I did when I started out all those years ago and it feels good to see some places with a little life still beating. 


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hmmmm i was in the game when you got banned, you had a very bad issue knowing right where the other team players were, you said in the game you were banned from every server, again hmmmm. i would not trust playing with you in any server. 

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On the contrary, I had no idea quickscoping was not allowed. Not once have I seen a rule explicitly saying 'No quickscoping allowed.' Your clanmates spectated me and told me I can't quickscope, and I took that as a challenge that I didn't have the skill to and so I did and he kicked me and I rejoined again and didn't quickscope anymore after that. A few minutes later and I was temp-banned for 'hacking' as it were, of course.

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I was banned from H4x as well for 'hacking' with no proof pretty much any time I played there rofl.


Anyways, I did want to also thank Net Jam and really appreciate how laid back, and smart the admins/moderators are :classic_smile: (big shout outs to @SqshyYoshi and @FlamingPig). The server has been my go to CoD 4 server for five years now and I've made many memories there! I know running a gaming community can be stressful, and money/time consuming, so I appreciate providing us with this server and community, @Gryphus_1.


P.S. this is TMC_RoyV9000 in-game. If an admin sees this, can you change my display username please? Not a big deal if not, but just figured I'd ask since it appears I can't change it (my Steam username was used when signing up which resulted in unintentionally advertising a project I'm working on lol).

TMC_RoyV9000 in-game.

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I think we have plenty here that were banned from H4x and many other servers (myself included). NetJam is like a safe haven for veterans haha

You seem like a laid back chill dude yourself Roy. Name change? When you in game next time, just ask admin to change name, we may be able to.

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