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Xianren - wallhacks


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first 3 demos are one kill cam death each and the final one is a bit longer with even more evidence

ive only now read gyphus' post about reports so it seems ive been sloppy -

Name: xianren

Date: August 22, 2023

Time: About 6:30 P.M. - Philippine time / South East Asian? Not sure what the timezone should be called.

Note: Gryphus mentioned you do NOT ban off of killcams but I believe the first 3 demos of which are purely 1 killcam each are long enough to show that obvious tracing and wallhacking is present.

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Dang, that was straight up tracking, and not even bother to hide it, with an RPD. Dont remember ever seen him use an RPD before, let alone blatantly tracking like that.

I have been sus of Xianren WH for a long time and have watch him many, many time, but I never had enough evidence. So weird that that he just became a loose cannon.

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Actually, I suspect I was the reason that he decided to go ham that match. It was shipment, and I was running full 74u with stopping power and deep impact and just wallbanging, killing away. He probably thought I was hacking and decided that it would only be fair to use hacks against a hacker which led to these demos.

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If I recall in that match, he mentioned something to me along the lines of him using hacks specifically just for me. Situations like this actually happen quite often where usually there's only 2 or 3 of us players in a server and I kill them repeatedly and then they leave, only to come back after 1- 3 minutes and miraculously knowing how to pre aim with sudden accurate aim.

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