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Found 55 results

  1. Dirty as a week old diaper..... especially the last 2 kills in the match. anton.dm_1
  2. He's quite the multitasker..... Hacks and Sux simultaneously. memekbusuk.dm_1
  3. Pretty obvious.... bulgar.dm_1
  4. His aim sux..... guess thats why he's using this BS. vfkiuih2.dm_1
  5. zero recoil..... WH also... pretty apparent.... follow me thru a wall 2 different kills before I recorded this... GFjyto.dm_1
  6. pettybone

    efrq3r: WH

    Pretty good at hiding his BS but messes up 3 or 4 times in this match..... efrq3f.dm_1
  7. The Trifecta!!.... and a terrible player to boot....lol singleplayer.dm_1
  8. pettybone

    zero: WH

    Spends a lot of time scanning the walls and following thru them.... pretty obvious after awhile.. zero2.dm_1
  9. Pretty Obvious....... vladimir_rus.dm_1
  10. pettybone

    KoTaLiRaTi: WH

    Another multitasker..... Sucks AND Hacks all at the same time. kotalirati.dm_1
  11. He's trying to hide it best as he can...... just not that good at it.....Probably wears his cycling helmet when he plays.... betepah_russian.dm_1
  12. The Trifecta!!...... fiftyten.dm_1
  13. Pretty Obvious..... c0ca.dm_1
  14. Same as B.o.l.g.a.r from the other day..... knows how to launch a new key but can't play for squat.... probably why he hax....turrible. putin2.dm_1
  15. Young ignorant kid on his hacker dad's gaming machine....lol goodness.dm_1
  16. Pretty obvious.... especially towards the end of the demo. BETEPAH.dm_1
  17. Pretty Obvious..... especially the NoRecoil LiLa.dm_1
  18. pettybone

    AlkAsh: WH

    Pretty Obvious..... lotsa pre-firing..... following..... 55/5 score....blah blah blah AlkAsh.dm_1
  19. pettybone

    gfdjkk: WH

    pretty obvious I think..... spends a lot of time aiming at blank walls... gfdjkk.dm_1 gfdjkk2.dm_1
  20. At least 10 kills in this demo sniping thru walls.... pretty obvious... britishslut.dm_1
  21. Painfully obvious..... whatta moron. zombieslayer534.dm_1
  22. Pretty obvious... had a 35 kill streak to put a cherry on top of it all.... xYi-Xyli.dm_1
  23. Think this is the same guy from the last 2 bans a couple of days ago..... his own team mate was hassling him by obstructing his view but I think there is enough here to suffice. Kre-Karik.dm_1
  24. Pretty Obvious..... Even with the high ping its a definite NR. cid_12.dm_1 cid_12-2.dm_1
  25. Have a look..... pretty sure about the WH but dead to right on No Recoil. zknhjiuly2.dm_1
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