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Found 36 results

  1. Pretty obvious... had a 35 kill streak to put a cherry on top of it all.... xYi-Xyli.dm_1
  2. Think this is the same guy from the last 2 bans a couple of days ago..... his own team mate was hassling him by obstructing his view but I think there is enough here to suffice. Kre-Karik.dm_1
  3. Pretty Obvious..... Even with the high ping its a definite NR. cid_12.dm_1 cid_12-2.dm_1
  4. Have a look..... pretty sure about the WH but dead to right on No Recoil. zknhjiuly2.dm_1
  5. pettybone


    Following thru solid objects..... had a 42-4 score when I started the demo and then he jumped out as soon as Yoshi arrived. Havalook...... he's looking thru a lotta walls before firing. detmopoz.dm_1
  6. I can't believe I'm seeing this but unless its something to do with his 90 to 100 ping he's out there rattling off a Barrett with no recoil.... Never thought I see him doing this crap.... always been clean as long as I've known him. bic.dm_1
  7. Pretty obvious..... batum.dm_1
  8. Hey Net Jam Staff, This is Frim Fram/FRIMFRAM and I am requesting to have my ban lifted. I think I was drunk and saying how someone named colorsguy was like colored people or something? And then I changed my name like 10 times to stupid sayings and stuff I honestly barely remember but somethng about colored people?? I have no hate for anyone of any color or race or anything like that. I miss playing with you all :( Idk what else to say yall.... I just was having fun making fun of that guys name that's all. I wont do it again. I won't even bring up any type of people ever again. I legitly forget. But I think it was around Sunday 6am EST? or Sunday 3amEST? something like that. Anyhow I really miss Net-Jam and I am deeply sorry if I offended anyone. Please consider lifting my ban. I will discuss further if necessary but I seriously remember only bits and pieces as I was indeed inebriated. It was my first day off after working 8 consecutive days so I went a little to hard on the sauce if you know what I mean.... But seriuosly I don't think racist jokes are funny at all I actually hate that stuff. Thanks for reading! ALL LOVE!!!!!!!! PS.... I WILL SHUT UP AND STOP CHATTING AND CHANGING NAME >>>> ONLY NAME IS FRIMFRAM FROM NOW ON ;-) <<<<3333333 I'm from ZeroAlpha i'm sorry uwu FRIMFRAM 0813211703.mp4 odb-skrillz.mp3
  9. No Recoil at all........ a lot of pausing to adjust "settings"..... pretty sure was "looking" but not firing thru obstacles . marco.dm_1
  10. pettybone


    If this is not a WH I'd like someone to break this BS down for me in detail.... please don't come back the "quick scope" anomaly..... this is more than quick scoping or if it truly is quick scoping it is a glitch in the game that should not be allowed....period. heritage.dm_1
  11. Vid from today. Lot's of folk commenting on his performance... shaun.dm_1
  12. Zero Recoil..... I know smg's will show very little but this guy has zero.... watch closely when he uses a side arm. propoor2.dm_1
  13. Pretty obvious.... fagolos.dm_1
  14. pettybone

    WIND: WH

    At first I thought he was just wall banging.... then I spec'd and saw what he was really doing.... pretty obvious. wind.dm_1
  15. Clearly scroll binding. Was asked to remove it, denied he knew what it was. couple maps later recorded the attached. After recording, called him out on it and he said gee he had to try it out after we explained what it was, and wasn't it fast. supra.dm_1
  16. Cow


    Clearly hacking. Cannot kill. See recording... wd-40.dm_1
  17. At least 10 kills in this demo sniping thru walls.... pretty obvious... britishslut.dm_1
  18. Same player 2 different joins.... obvious Aimbot.... WH also apparent.ze.dm_1rus.dm_1
  19. Aimbot for sure.... every shot a head shot... possible WH too. ZUD.dm_1
  20. pettybone

    _BusTeR: WH

    Pretty Obvious..... _BusTeR3.dm_1
  21. Pretty evident...... zez.dm_1
  22. Pretty obvious..... BLACKBORZ.dm_1
  23. Less that a 60 second watch will do this one in...... fishka.dm_1
  24. pettybone


    pretty obvious..... kochegar.dm_1
  25. Pretty obvious..... but he does multitask.... he hax and sux all at the same time! decard.dm_1
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