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Hi all,
not long time ago, I readed some "chuck norris fatcs" and it gives me an idea [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f914.svg?0] . so this thred is like a ask to NJAs:
could we have a thread for the " NJ hardcore facts" ?!? it can be funny :d

Following NJAs, because NJAs are awsome

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Hahaha, exactly that kind of stuff :p :d

but I was asking for approval, because it can easily go wrong if their is no ... rules?
example; on some rely regular players, those who every one know, it can have some Facts about then. Is it correct, or not...

hope it's a little bit more clear >_< I know my English is not the best

Following NJAs, because NJAs are awsome

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Just saw the new voting system :d perfecf to know appreciation of the facts. So I'll add one and let me know if like it!

Fact: when SACRIFICE log in, the best side is spectate !

Following NJAs, because NJAs are awsome

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FACT# 438: Steve-o is in fact, speaking clearly...in some accent that approximates but is not entirely "english". Though he denies it, it seems some garbled form of english was picked up by his wandering extra terrestrial vessel while old episodes of "Faulty Towers" were being run. This latest rumor was started to pull focus away from his obvious speech impediment and love of criquet.
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FACT# 1: Straw owns the server...and several sweat shops in the north pole where his tiny relatives provide toys for an overweight man in red. (this may or may not be a short joke on straw, my sources are unclear...and they disappeared after sending this info to me.)
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FACT# 2121: It is a well known fact that a canines hearing is 70 times more sensitive than a human beings. Aces singing has led to a string of suicides by over 25,678 dogs. The human tally is still unknown.
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FACT# 964: Gryphus has twin little sisters, Mojo and Dodo, contrary to popular belief, they are NOT the DNA leftovers when Gryphs' looks and intelligence were removed. Merely his personality and common sense.
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NJA-KG1 wrote:
FACT# 83B: Sacrifice is happily married to Mrs.Sac and will be untill the hypnotism and drugs he gave her wear off.

Fact #83B(1): KG owes me a new monitor because I just spewed sacramental wine all over this one......ROFL.....

The Rules for a Gunfight:

1. Bring a gun. In fact, bring two guns. Bring all your friends who have guns.

2. Incoming fire has the right of way.

3. Flank when possible. Protect yours.

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FACT# 349: To some northern England barbers/"football" enthusiasts, I am known as "Cyprus". Whether this is a natural occurrence, or the result of hair spray fumes is still to be determined.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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