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Am I Blocked or Banned?

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Ever since you came back you've been an ass, to an ever-increasing degree. You were already hated by pretty much everyone, and then you start being a dick to them as well... So yes I muted you.

Think of it less as having your chat disabled and more of being in a private chatroom with Admins.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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It never matters who starts something, ever. You should know that.

By your own doing you have a much higher profile than most players. That leads to more scrutiny. If I recall, you did have warnings. They may not have been done with !w, but they were warnings none-the-less. Consider this a warning if you like. There was a time when I just would have banned you, well, temp-banned you for being a provocative ass. This way does you the courtesy of still being able carry on with your wanton spawn-raping.

We can revisit this in the future, but for the time being, be thankful you can still play.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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