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  1. Hi Gryph, It's been 6 months since I was chat banned for retaliation. Could you please reconsider this sentense and lift this spell? Thanks in advance!! Sticky,
  2. Yoshi, Apology accepted! =] Gryphus, Is my chat ban a permanant thing? If it is, please let me know. I keep hoping one day you will reconsider the circumstance. Thanks again!
  3. Gryph, I learned the lesson. Could you please reverse the spell so I can communicate to the outside world? Happy Holidays! Rice,
  4. Thanks Gryphie! I consider this an example for everyone else. Whatever you did, my old router cannot detect this server anymore. Thanks again for allowing me playing on this server for so many years. GOOD LUCK and STAY SAFE!!!!
  5. It doesn't matter who started, they talked trash ..I retaliated. So I guess I didn't deserve a warning.
  6. So someone disable my chat cuz i said something? If that's the case, just let me know. I've been playing since 2010, if you dont want me here just say it.
  7. what should I do now, Gryphus? Reinstalled twice...
  8. I think im muted or chat banned from server.
  9. Gryphus, No1 can read my chat in game. Please help
  10. I was able to log in tether my mobile hotspot. you're right about my isp. But i can't even log on TS3 with spectrum. Is there something block my ip from the game serer?
  11. Hello, I cant seem to join server or TS. Could you please verify my status ? Rice,
  12. Hi, It's Sticky_Rice. It seems no1 can read my text during game. Could you please help? Thanks in advance, Rice
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