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  1. 14-May-2022 - on the server now. He has aimbot demo0003.dm_1
  2. Rotok

    Walls - Vizkas

    no probs. Thank you
  3. Rotok

    Walls - Vizkas

    Taken 5-May-2022 at 2120 hours . The second at 2128 hours. demo0001.dm_1 demo0002.dm_1
  4. Rotok

    Hack Report Delete

    Dated 4-May-2022 at 2050 hours Australian time demo0000.dm_1
  5. Some walls demo0003.dm_1 demo0004.dm_1 demo0005.dm_1
  6. Rotok

    Walls report

    thank you
  7. Rotok

    Mateush - aimbot

    And another FYI demo0001.dm_1 of mateush - Aim Bot
  8. Rotok

    Walls report

    4-Apr-2022 on the server demo0000.dm_1
  9. Well apparently you are setting the standard to use the same language is is so mature. I might keep playing I might not. I will stop any donations. Anyhow.
  10. with a BS relating to the lag, shot or hacker. Other give it back in jest as well. The language of your own members is worse at times. Anyway you changed the settings that brings up something about your mum.
  11. and PS I do enjoy playing on your server so at the end of the day I have had no intention of upsetting anyone.
  12. glad to hear you are fixing the adminning. As a suggestion I ran a roster system that worked quite well. Does that commentary you posted there warrant a ban for you? Never called you or any admin a "c***t". Geepers.
  13. If you recall I had a go at you in game or NJ for not admining the server enough,. This was your response within moments of that chat. Playing there gets is most frustrating with the amount of hackers that are in there with no admins coming in. Played and spoken with your other admins no differently. I am not sure what else you are referring to.
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