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  1. Rotok

    Hyperon Walls

    and good luck with your billions lol
  2. Rotok

    Hyperon Walls

    thanks Folks
  3. Rotok

    Hyperon Walls

    Been watching this one for a while. He uses walls quite regularly and turns them on and off at leisure. He will use hacks until comments are made when miraculously his skill level and ability to turn on the right direction for kills absolutely disappears. When using then it is meticulous. Today he was 14-2 and when I advised him, I would record and report, and all of a sudden skill level dropped with his KDR to 18-14. His KDR on me was 6-0. It was impossible to catch him off guard. By the end of the game, his KDR was 10-6, with his only two kills against me after that while I was typing in game. His final score finished around 26-22. Unusually bad KDR for him!!!!! ON the following map I recorded him at the start of the game. No UAV available and check out his first two kills. I re-commented than he fell back to his "no hack" mode and was quite hopeless. Hyperon using walls. If you have time the chat logs will show others had a go at him as well. Thanks, Kotor demo0019.dm_1
  4. 21/8/2022 - Austrlian time. Numnber 2 fo the night demo0026.dm_1
  5. Rotok

    Kurok - aimbot

    21-Aug-2022 Australian Time demo0025.dm_1
  6. Hi folks FYI The server seems to have gone offline. Not sure why but it's been a quite regular thing recently. Thanks
  7. 5-Aug-2022 demo0012.dm_1
  8. got another of him tonight
  9. Hi are you able to find the server log for thsi date? It should be like a notepad file
  10. Rotok

    Garren22 Wallhack

    the more the merrier
  11. I think a combination of walls and aimbot. Player name Garen22. demo0022.dm_1
  12. Rotok

    Xamp - Aimbot

    Date 30-Jun-2022 demo0020.dm_1
  13. demo0020.dm_1I recorded him. He was using aimbot.
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