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Muted in game play

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Blood_Bath = yoyomaster98

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Gryphus didn't like my style of communication and has muted me in game play. Can admin undo this petty and vindictive action. The forum is here to talk about issues and concerns; players should be free to discuss no matter the difficulty.

Blood Bath

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Actually I banned you, locked the thread and then I muted you.

The only path from here is a permanent ban from the game. If that's what you want I will happily oblige. You've been an insufferable twat for a long time. Otherwise, accept the mute, appreciate the fact you can still play the game and move on.

If at some point you learn how to interact with other humans, we can reevaluate the muting. But, since I'm pretty sure I know what your next post will be, option A seems more likely.

Thread moved to the appropriate forum.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Wow, way to exercise your admin power. Unmute me please.  You may not like my style of communication. Guess what, I don't like yours. You win only with your ability to shut me down. I'm ok with being wrong about issues, anything really, what makes you think that your opinions or positions are correct and survive without growth?  Are people not allowed to challenge admins in anyway?  Respectfully? Ya , it works both ways.

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I've been waiting for you to stop flailing your arms around screaming about oppression, and you know, have a conversation. But your unwillingness or seeming inability to grasp what I've been saying and the context in which it's said is frankly impressive. Finally ready?

Let's clear up some misunderstandings on your part. 1) Despite our attempts to listen to our more rational players, this isn't a democracy it's an autocracy, and you're speaking to it's tsar. 2) I don't know where you got the idea you could buy your way out of this, but you can't. While we run solely off donations, we've banned many a donor. 3) No. People are not allowed to challenge admins in-game. If you have a problem, raise it here.

As I said before, you've had no interest in having any sort of conversation. You came here insulting us and demanding we ban someone who we have no proof is doing anything wrong. Not going to happen.

With your muting in-game. If for no other reason than how much of a cock you've been here, it's staying in place for at least a month. If that doesn't work for you, I can just ban you.

Think long and hard about your next reply. The restraint that it's taking not to just say fuck you and ban you full-stop is a lot, and I'm about out of patience.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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I never challenged admins in-game. Sticky has admitted to using assists and I reported that. Take it or leave it. You've addressed me by name calling, condescension, straw-manning, using my name to say embarrassing things in-game, and threatening to ban me if I say anything that bothers you. I've been muted in-game for something i said in the forum and can't push back on that? I had a concern and I raised it here, look what it got me. I made a donation in good faith' in hopes that you might take my concerns seriously, i.e being muted in-game. If this is the foolish hill i die on , so be it, at least I went out with dignity and not cowering to your threats of banning me from the server. 

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I'm not an admin but @Blood_Bath you aren't listening to what Gryphus is saying.  Maybe you'll listen to me who's been a fly on the wall for these 2 threads:

  1. You still have not addressed the main issue of accusing Sticky of cheating based on anecdotal quotes.  The standard procedure of any report is to provide evidence against the suspect, and in your case you have not provided anything.  You didn't even describe Sticky's supposed "assistance" so you aren't helping anyone.  Based on the amount of evidence Gryphus and Yoshi said the admins reviewed of Sticky, you need something WAY more convincing than a supposed chat quote with no screenshot to reopen an investigation into Sticky.
  2. To think that you could buy your way out of an in-game mute and banning a player for cash was pretty unwise.
  3. Discussion = bringing value to the table.  You made an allegation against Sticky's legitimacy and couldn't back it up, so the discussion died the moment you made the post.  That last thread was one-sided with Gryphus trying to ask you to provide valid evidence against Sticky instead of going way off on a tangent about completely irrelevant topics.  Sure Gryphus may have given you a bit of sass in the first reply but your request was laughable from the get-go, so I'm not sure where you were expecting the discussion to go other than directly into the bin.  
  4. It's not too late to apologize and admit that you are probably wrong and that your last post was lacking, that's the best place to go from here.  Because right now you're digging yourself into a very deep hole by activating this defence mechanism for receiving valid criticism in your last post.
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I never said you challenged admins in-game. You asked if you were allowed to challenge admins at all, I clarified how.

You’ve repeatedly said Sticky was “using assists”. What exactly do you mean by “assists”? Tying some string around his monitor? Your concern isn’t being taken seriously because both you and Sticky have reputations. Sticky for being a good player whom we have specced many times, and yourself for being kind of obnoxious and being consistently wrong calling out hackers. So when you come here doing your best impression of this guy:


Prime being your “Pepe Silvia”. Maybe you can understand the dismissal.

I warned you at the end of that last topic that I was going to watch your chatlogs. The very first time that I brought them up, I see you continuing your soapbox. So I cut you a break and muted your chat rather than banning you. Something I’m regretting.

…I don’t even know where to take this. Where did you get the idea that you can just say whatever you want in-game with no consequences? We have one overarching rule guiding chat on the server, don’t be a dick, and guess what…

Well congrats on making it through with your dignity man. I was worried for you.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Far enough. Nice to break it down, Markram. I'm not a technical person, don't know what ping is but have a pretty good idea. I find it hard to feature that one semi-anonymous person can take another one seriously. My reality thrives off accountability.  I'm not savvy with online communication , please  accept my dinkishness as affection. Thats what fella's do, especially in the army. My query landing right in the heart of a lifestyle i know nothing about, but i'm a soldier and did some reconnaissance. Stirred the pot etc.   Deciding that my concerns about Sticky were valid was silly, but i went down the rabbit hole anyway. Do forgive. I believe that being a dick and holding people accountable can be interchangeable for a result, It's progress, smoothed friction. Accept my apology's and hopefully we can all move on. Please unmute, i'm an old friend.


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