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DrTachyon WallHack

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Its hard to tell because it happened so fast but I actually ran up to the edge, then back away. Yet somehow that player knew I was running up and pre-fired at that exact spot. You can see he was firing and aiming on my location before I even went out. He thought I was going to run out but I didn't. If you slow down the video you can clearly see what he did. My body is not even seen. I have uav jammer and dead silence so it would be extremely difficult to guess I was coming out. I highly doubt this was a fluke. I have a good eye for this, im 99% sure this guy is using wallhacks.

From what I saw It looks like he was aiming directly at me. That doesn't look like crossfire to me. He killed the first guy, then directly targeted me. Please reconsider your evaluation.


I have more recordings that show suspicious activity from other players but I am not 100% they were using cheats so I don't want to post them. I only post on people I know are cheating.

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We appreciate the report, but the video isn't usable.

Even if this was suspicious, we do not ban based off of a single 10 second clip of a killcam unless it is something egregious like an aimbot. We have strict protocols we follow because if we didn't then darn near every player would be banned for suspicious activity because they at some point or another got a lucky shot or killed someone through a wall.


Watch closely. He's aiming slowly to the left to get the guy that's immediately in front of him. As he finishes off the guy he stands up (still moving his aim slightly to the left) while still firing which happens to get you in the background as your icon in killcam moves behind his iron sights. He didn't even change his aim to get there; you walked into it.



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I understand, thank you for your consideration. I still believe this player was wallhacking. I cant refuse the fact that he instantly targeted me after getting a successful kill on the first player (as I was running upto the doorway). My body wasn't even seen on his killcam.

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You were caught in one of the most common spam spots in Crash. Additionally, he just killed someone right in front of you. I would have kept shooting too.

Just because you get wallbanged doesn't mean someone is hacking.




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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don't understand how you guys cant see what has transpired. Either you choose to accept a false reality or you know what is right and wrong. I understand there is no swaying your train of thought, nor do I want to.

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I just analyzed the video. He does not stand up while still aiming. He actually shoots the first guy, then instantly aims left, and after killing us both, then proceeds to stand up. I feel like you were just covering for him. Even in the game chat someone was calling xray. He might have been banned already, who knows. I guess it doesnt matter

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6 minutes ago, LuNaR said:

If you really think this is proof of anything other than you walking into his bullets then you're an idiot.

Hmm... Point well made my good man. I concur, an idiot our fine feathered friend may well be.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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