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cod 4 fails to launch

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anybody else having issues with cod4 failing to launch? I start my game and it acts like its going to load then goes straight to my desktop, I completely uninstalled game and went and bought the game off of steam store and it still fails to launch, I disabled my firewall and still does same thing, any ideas? any help would greatly be appreciated
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Sorry to hear about your difficulties, shazzam. Glad you figured out the mic fix. So simple yet we always forget to do it.

It is important that you move the whole COD4 folder to a location outside the Steam apps folder. Make a backup before doing so. Then you add the revised exe. Did you do that? There must be a way to get this working. Anyone else have any suggestions?


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Yea I just literally copied the entire folder from steamapps into it's own folder then made a desktop shortcit tp "\iw3mp.exe" from inside the new folder. Kept the steam folder install as well as the backup. It's so great to be able to launch the game without needing steam.
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If you're still on 1.8 then you either didn't follow the instructions fully, or will need to redownload CoD4 through Steam (WITHOUT connecting to any servers) and follow the instructions that Boards linked again.

As for Realtek, that's an old one. Glad you figured it out.


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